iPad Productivity: iOS 11 Walkthrough & Review


Let’s take a look at iOS 11 and all the great features that it is bringing to the iPad. I’m so excited about features like drag & drop, files, new multitasking, and Apple Pencil improvements. What features are you excited for?

This is my first major review like this so let me know that you think.

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  1. Penny Royal
    Penny Royal says:

    Another great video Christopher. My one pet peeve about ipads is the same layout. iOS 11 allows me to create multiple folders and have them on the dock so the desktop is clean. My top 5 apps are on the dock and the rest are organized within folders with the secondary apps on the first page of the folder.

  2. steve dental
    steve dental says:

    My screen is not working like yours on my ipad air . It won't let the screen split . I went to settings and general and to multitasking & dock and all 4 are checked green . What do I need to do to make it split the screen when I move the music icon onto safari and I try to pull down ,it will pull down a little and it gets a little smaller bit wont split the screen . It acts like it wants to but it won't split . swiping works but not split screen

  3. Debi Aldo
    Debi Aldo says:

    Great review, I recently bought iPad Pro 10.5 and I can’t seem to get the long press on an icon/app on dock to bring up anything, is there a setting to enable that, if so I cannot find – might you know? Thanks.

  4. David LaBolle
    David LaBolle says:

    I’m disappointed that drag-and-drop does not seem to work, either copying from or pasting into, Facebook or Facebook Messenger.

    Come on Facebook, Get with the program!

  5. Rick Ramsowr
    Rick Ramsowr says:

    Just completed my download and starting to check the app on both my Mac and iPad. Thus the thing that got my eye first was the cool font. Because I'm not getting any younger I find that the font is much easier for me to read text with or without my reading glasses.​

  6. Fabio Mota
    Fabio Mota says:

    I‘m a big fan of the new cover sheet. Combining the lockscreen and notification center is great since they literally both showed the same thing! Only difference is of course old notifications that don‘t show up in the lockscreen and now you just swipe up to get the old ones. Only big down side for me is no quick access to spotlight search and thus it‘s not possible to take applications to split view without a keyboard to get to spotlight search.


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