iPad Pro vs 2019 MacBook Pro 13" | PHOTO EDITING COMPARISON!


Photo editing is your thing, and you’re thinking about getting a new device to enhance your workflow. But you just CAN’T decide between the iPad Pro 11″ or 12.9″ and the 2019 MacBook Pro 13″ (baseline).

In this video I go over the basics of photo editing with both of these devices. I demonstrate importing folders with the macOS Finder app and the iPadOS Files app, talk about the software which is available for both of these devices (desktop Photoshop, Lightroom CC, Lightroom classic, Photoshop Mix, Photoshop express, Affinity Photo), and the photo editing experience with Lightroom and the Apple pencil (and the lack-thereof).



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  1. SuperHyphyOne
    SuperHyphyOne says:

    The Apple Pencil is nice after trying it with Affinity Photo, but personally I would would rather have keyboard shortcuts than the Apple Pen il. The iPad might be more intuitive for some but it seems like it would slow down the workflow for others.

  2. Aurik Anjum
    Aurik Anjum says:

    good video but come on man. How can we compare Adobe Photoshop Mac os version versus ipad one? ipad app is very basic, just like mobile version. so how do a designer use any of those tools and we're not even considering the outpit format availability. I think Adobe Photoshop and lightroom on ipad needs major upgrade which feels almost like what they were actually built for.

  3. 1111italia1111
    1111italia1111 says:

    could u compare both in the chill area? twitch youtube streaming ? will be happy to know about the throttle, battery life, i guess the macbook will always heating up faster than iPad ? fans go crazy ? ty

  4. JesusGreen
    JesusGreen says:

    I feel dumb now. It never occurred to me how much easier it'd be to use the lasso tool with a stylus. Think I might have to start making my video thumbnails on my iPad instead of my PC, because cutting myself out of backgrounds is always the part that drives me nuts with a mouse.

  5. Richard Bainbridge
    Richard Bainbridge says:

    Considering ditching my PC and regular iPad and just going with an iPad Pro. I still backup photos the old fashion way, so am wondering as well as a camera, can I also plug my Android phone into the iPad and then copy my photos and videos from it onto an iPad or even straight onto an external hard drive?
    I currently just use my PC to backup and organise my photos on and then also backup to an external drive.

  6. Felipe D
    Felipe D says:

    Good video, there it goes that like. As an advice, probably instead of putting the camera behind you to show the display while you’re using the Mac, you might want to check an app called Screen Flow that let’s you record the what is happening on the screen plus some interesting extra features. For more details check 9to5Mac YouTube channel.

  7. Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ says:

    My only problem with the Ipad pro is that I still haven’t found a way to edit them straight on my ssd with lightroom. I’m running ipados but I don’t think lightroom is ready yet

  8. Nihon Reboot
    Nihon Reboot says:

    I am currently doing all of my image editing and video editing for my channel on my ipad. I am pretty new to the whole video editing thing, but it seems to be going very smoothly with the ipados and luma fusion

  9. sam quino
    sam quino says:

    First time seeing a tech youtuber, whose dominant hand is his left hand! Wow! Hands down best review on your channel! Actually bought my macbook pro 13in. It’ll arrive on wednesday! 👏🏽


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