iPad Pro Unboxing and Review


Testing out the new 2020 12.9in iPad Pro. This covers a lot from a video editors perspective of using this to create content.
iPad Edited Vlog: https://youtu.be/gn6zRTF0i7Q
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  1. Shardul Wadte
    Shardul Wadte says:

    Hey guys…….
    Recently shattered my iPhone 6 screen.
    Can I still use the phone by repairing it with a third party or should I wait and buy the 12 which will come later this year?

  2. ashleywinters7
    ashleywinters7 says:

    I can see AR being useful for that IKEA app, but for all those other demos, it was completely unneeded. You can learn about frogs in just as much detail without having to see it on your table. They could just show it on screen and let your turn it around and zoom with finger gestures and it would have been a lot easier to use than actually finding a table and then moving yourself around the room to look at it.

  3. Niina. 2000
    Niina. 2000 says:

    Can someone give me an ipad i need it asap for school since i'm in quarantine 10 days ago and still couldn't study from home since i have an android phone 😫😫😫😫

  4. Nathan Bryant
    Nathan Bryant says:

    Okay, I always love your videos, but that crime solving app might have stole the show. Definitely getting that. Also, thanks for showing how productivity works for you on the iPad. Ironically enough, I think people sometimes miss that. A new magic keyboard and trackpad/mouse support sound great for the iPad but I’m curious if that really changes things dramatically for most. Because the iPad is amazing, but the apps still aren’t full scaled apps for some when it comes to getting work done. You have your document and spreadsheet apps that will do just fine. But applications that aren’t tablet related, I find it hard for some to replace their laptop. Like, in today’s times, if you’re fortunate enough to work from home, being its mandatory, could you do that with your iPad? Could most? Could you bring up a virtual desktop to remotely work from home using your iPad? Are there applications that is core to your workflow that are not supported on the iPad or just not the same as a desktop version? You can’t just download any application outside the App Store. These are the questions that Apple should answer over time. But would that eventually push their MacBooks out the way? Maybe that’s the future? I don’t know. It just brings up a lot of questions.

    And I’m no content creator when it comes to video and I know there are alternatives, but Adobe and Apple should really get Final Cut Pro and many other Adobe apps on the iPad. The full blown version. And not let it be less than half done like they did with Photoshop which is still lacking so many features after being released.

  5. carrot
    carrot says:

    MacBook Air 2020 is a way more exiting upgrade, new iPad Pro is just the old one with uglier camera bump. I just don’t understand Justine’s euphoria…


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