iPad Pro Smart Keyboard Folio Review (2019) - My favourite typing experience of all time


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In this video, I review the Apple iPad Pro Smart Keyboard Folio. Overall, it’s an incredible typing experience and I think it brings the iPad one step closer to that dream of replacing your laptop. Enjoy xx

PS: Because everyone asks, the screen protector I use and love is the Paperlike – here’s an affiliate link https://paperlike.com/Ali 😉

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46 replies
  1. Exunary
    Exunary says:

    Samsung has one of the best looking products out there, so I don't understand why you use it as an insult.
    Perhaps its related to the pricepoint between apple and samsung, just a snobby, posh comment.

  2. Randy Cain
    Randy Cain says:

    I've had the 2018 iPad Pro along with this keyboard for a few weeks now. Being able to use both the keyboard and the pencil to annotate PDFs and take notes in Notability is a really cool thing. Since the review here is specifically about the keyboard, I'll add that I really like it so far! 🙂 Definitely no buyer's remorse with this purchase. While I don't consider the iPad Pro a replacement for my macbook (at this stage of the game anyway), I like the setup so darn much that I plan to use only that when I travel.

  3. HarrisonSo
    HarrisonSo says:

    This keyboard is the worst keyboard I have ever used, expensive, terrible typing experience, do not protect the iPad’s sides. Try out the new Logitech keyboard for iPad Pro or Surface pro keyboard

  4. Cecilie Larsen
    Cecilie Larsen says:

    I just bought the 11 inch iPad pro, and I also have a 2018 Macbook Pro 13. I decided on the smaller iPad since the larger one is almost the size of my laptop. At the office, I connect the Macbook to an external monitor and I use a Magic keyboard and trackpad with it. I have started to use the Magic keyboard with my iPad and it works well. I mean it is not as streamlined as this smart keyboard, but it still works great. I also have a case for the keyboard and trackpad so it's easy to carry it around in my bag. The typing experience is amazing on the second generation keyboard. So that might be worth considering for some as well 🙂

  5. Metalink
    Metalink says:

    you can flip the device ( vertical keyboard facing you) to have the "pencil friendly" low angle stand. Can't add a photo here but you can understand me. The only downside is you can't type or use shortcuts while doing so.

  6. Rishi Ó
    Rishi Ó says:

    It does have that 15 degree angle. with the keyboard open and set for typing, flip the case and turn the ipad around so that the keyboard is away from you and pointing up in the air. It’s quite a stable 15 degree position and I’m not sure why people don’t use it.

  7. ih2y
    ih2y says:

    Really nice video! – What app do you use to organize your scientific papers on the iPad? I've been looking for a suitable app for quite some time now and never found a good one…

    SKATER BIRD says:

    What's the point of using a case if you're gonna remove it to use the Pencil? It makes it vulnerable to dropping, so what's the point? Also the sides(which are the most sensible areas) stay unprotected, drops on the side specially the edges are the most deadliest. Just see any drop test on youtube, when they drop the edges is when the shit hits the fan. I think the benefit of mobility and ease of use might not outweight the vulnerability for the ipad, at least for me. Good video 🙂


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