iPad Pro reviews are in! AirPods 2 still coming this year?


The new iPad Pro is a beast, but reviews sound a lot like the reviews from three years ago. Apple AirPods 2 could still be coming this year, Spotify is coming to the Apple Watch and the iPhone could get 5G in 2020.

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  1. Murali R
    Murali R says:

    I totally agree with you …when you buy your own stuff and review it …. u can focus a great deal on the product which connects with everyday user….. impressed Sir !!

  2. Luca Rini
    Luca Rini says:

    I wish Apple would license their iPad/iPhone chips to other mobile phone vender's. Could you imagine a Samsung tab/ phone with the same hardware that's in the iPhone? Using Qualcomm chips Vs apples running Android would be cool to see if it makes any difference in speed vs the iPhone would be interesting

  3. Artur Grigio
    Artur Grigio says:

    Can we stop with this pipe dream?

    x86_64 architecture will never be commercially ported to A-series Apple chips.

    If a hybrid OS is ever written for iPads, it will have to be written from ground up. But why would you write an OS from scratch for an architecture, if you already have one (called iOS)?

  4. Samuel Tzvi
    Samuel Tzvi says:

    Yo Brian do you think Apple is going to update the iPad pro in 6months to a year with a thunderbolt 3 port and troll everyone who just bought it now? Is tb3 on the iPad pro even necessary?

  5. Michael Diaz
    Michael Diaz says:

    Still got my iPad Pro 10.5 it’s a good media player I feel Brian i take to places I just wished it did a little more. And I seen somebody’s video and he point out that the bezels of the side of the iPad Pro 10.5 are slimmer than the new 11 inch

  6. Steven OConnor
    Steven OConnor says:

    Here’s the thing Justin even if you spend your own money and I respect the angle believe me I do there is such a thing as a return policy 14 days even if you spend your own money within them 14 days you can return that no questions asked to most stores so be that said spending your own money on the device SMI valueless because there is no risk that you’ll take a hit with it. I think it is really nice step forward but you definitely need iOS maybe 13 to really open up a real file systems actually allow you to plug in a thumb stick and transfer a file be able to manually add music to your iTunes library things like that or sound clips or ringtones see either an iPad and then into an iPhone instead of having to run so directly to a PC or Mac to do such small things. Those are very rudimentary bearable basic things that should be a lot already I agree with you hundred percent I think what will be rewarding at the end of this kind of weight for full-fledged desk top class Applications is as long is the optimize 150% and run in a very optimize way that does not kill your battery in three hours then the wait was worth it shows an example do I think if you were thrown final cut in its current form or things such as adobe Photoshop the desktop versions onto a iPad the battery will take a major hit I don’t think it’s optimize to run in and optimize the way in the first place in many cases it’s enough for all applications but if they can wait and do it the right way I’m good with that


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