iPad Pro Review! - Should You Buy It?


This is the iPad Pro. There are great things about it and things that need improving, but is it something you should buy?


Wallpaper: http://m.imgur.com/D4xvxfZ



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  1. Ellen Blais
    Ellen Blais says:

    What apps are you stating that you cannot get on the iPad Pro as opposed to say the iPad here too I don't understand you mean you can't get all the same apps that a regular iPad can get? Thank you

  2. Robert Christopulos
    Robert Christopulos says:

    You pointed out some of the problems with the IPad Pro yourself, lack of optimised apps, the lightning connector on the Pencil (This is an incredible accident waiting to happen), cost of the unit and accessories, etc.. But you failed to mention others, the split screen method of multi-windowing (this is incredibly hackneyed), lack of ports, lack of expandability, only the top of the line model offers connectivity to a phone network, etc., etc.. No, I'm not impressed! Though it has some impressive hardware considerations, overall impressions are that it's unfinished (a Beta release) and not fully supported even by Apple. However, someone mentioned the Surface Pro. Don't get me started talking about that. It's a mess, and Microsoft is just now getting around typo trying to fix it. No,I wouldn't favour either of these. The best overall ultra-large tablet for productivity, prosumer and consumer use is the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2.I speak with some authority on this subject as I use it's little brother daily. I just love my tablet.

  3. Dr. Sri Ravi Teja
    Dr. Sri Ravi Teja says:

    The video Quality is stellar.
    content is awesome & the way you present is amazing.
    you are like mkbhd + Michael fisher.
    It'd be much more entertaining if u can add little more humour like Jonathan Morrison and Michael fisher.
    i came to know about your channel from kevin the Tech ninja's video. Thanks to kevin for introducing me to another amazing youtuber.

  4. Jacopo Moruzzi
    Jacopo Moruzzi says:

    Great review, both the content and the footage. I really appreciated the fact that you showed some of your friends using the iPad pro as a professional tool for fine arts. Other reviews advertised themselves as "artistic review" but they were just some random person messing around with some doodles.

  5. Juliana Goncalves
    Juliana Goncalves says:

    Hi great video. I would like to know which iPad Pro you would recommend to me … the 32 or 128 gb? I will be using for school and watch video… I don't really like to play games. Thank you !


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