iPad Pro Review for Drawing


In this video I review the ipad pro that i use for drawing. I also talk about the app Procreate that i use to create my illustrations. I have moved from a traditional sketch book to drawing digitally over the past 7 months and I have really learned a lot about digital art. I feel the iPad Pro combined with procreate have been a big part of why I have been loving digital art.

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  1. Lumenous
    Lumenous says:

    What about drawing a full landscape with fine details that cover the whole canvas? How can you control the right proportions and manage to have it cantered? It's like you have to zoom in, zoom out?

  2. Aurøre Franquart
    Aurøre Franquart says:

    I'm a broke student that bought the 2018 12.9 500Go ipad pro. Gonna eat carrots for the rest of the month.
    I had pen pressure problems and other stuff goinf on with my Wacom, Ink etc..
    So I bought the Ipad.
    Have to wait a month for it to be delivered.
    I'm dying.

  3. George Mickel
    George Mickel says:

    I recently had to reset my phones permissions and according to Google's tech, I unknowingly erased all my YouTube channels, fav's and history… I'm glad I was able to find your channel again!

    Drawing on an iPad Pro 12.9-inch now.


  4. Bruce Nunn
    Bruce Nunn says:

    I hope all is Well.. an you all had a Great Christmas Trav.. Miss the Videos and cant wait to see some up coming videos.. i hope Nothing is Wrong, havnt seen any new videos on here.. Hope to see you soon.. An Happy New Year from My Family to Yours Trav. 👊😎

  5. CN Factory Hair Beauty Tools
    CN Factory Hair Beauty Tools says:

    Wow, I LOVE your show!
    I'd be honored to send you one of our high end adjustable signal active stylus pen for your honest review. They are designed beautifully and I think you will really love them. May I ship them to you for your honest review on your channel?
    Tell me where to ship it and it's on its way.
    Trevor LInghu

  6. Amanda Darko
    Amanda Darko says:

    I freakin love apple products and it's so reassuring to see that some extremely amazing quality work can be produced from an iPad. So thank you for helping me in confirming my buy. Yah the adobe is a downer (personally I have found it to be too complex/ confusing to use) So hopefully this will help me improve in my digital work.

  7. SirCap
    SirCap says:

    thing with an ipad, is that you will have to change it in 1 or 2 years like all apple products because they are made not to last, but a graphic tablet will last way more longer… and let’s not forget that in like 7 months your battery will legit last for 30 minutes when using it ….

  8. Wenceslao Futanaki
    Wenceslao Futanaki says:

    What a great review thanks a lot, PLEASE help me on this: before your review I wasn't keen at all in apple products, I am used to windows stuff and a bit of android, so my original choice was Galaxy Tab S3 or Surface Pro 4, and have extensively researched on them.
    My Question:
    What would you recommend to someone who ONLY cares about doing drawing in a very Escher kind of style who will barely use color or complex stuff, I also long for something as simple as a I can, i'm a paper artist and complexity overwhelms my head.
    As I said the drawing is artistic but very architectural too, which one of these 3 devices would you recommend? Procreate seems straight to the point, but wonder if its for me, THANKS A LOT!

  9. ADL
    ADL says:

    looking forward to getting my ipad/procreate.. waiting til sept to see if they announce new ones with the phones..
    btw, whats the intro/outro music? ive heard that song a million times and i can never find out what it is

  10. Artdustguy
    Artdustguy says:

    It’s been fun following you on your adventure! I probably started following you about 2 years ago At first I wasn’t sold on your choice to go digital but seeing some of your work I’m digging it! Thanx for sharing your stuff! Keep it up!

  11. Jeff Race
    Jeff Race says:

    i think this is the way for me to go. For years, I've been trying to get better. I'll sketch and sketch on paper till my picture starts to take shape but I always make irreparable mistakes and ultimately toss my paper out in frustration. Going digital, I could simply hit the undo button and try again haha.

  12. Glen Nash
    Glen Nash says:

    I have the same case. It’s great. I screwed myself by not getting the phone chip ability. I have no GPS even with hot spot. Can’t Pokémon Go with it. Got the pencil used on EBay for $85 still in the box. Procreate rocks!

  13. bert farry
    bert farry says:

    Sorry I couldn't trust my art on iPad when they die your art is gone the new one you can't even get the data off the the dead iPad and watching Louis's YouTube the electronic even the soldering is bad

  14. Unknown Username
    Unknown Username says:

    Adobe sucks lmfao, I don’t know why ppl use that bloatware. Adobe won’t even put out decent mobile apps, cause they pull suckers in with crap mobile apps to sell their subscription based desktop programs…not cause they can’t make professional mobile apps. You need to learn about Affinity, you can get Affinity on desktop & mobile they both have the same or almost the same features on mobile & desktop. You can easily do graphics design on iPad, Affinity Photo = Photoshop on desktop minus 3D & video features, Affinity designer = illustrator on desktop. There are also many other good to great apps for graphic design, I work completely on my iPad Pro. Plus the 8 hours of drawing is substantially more than any other mobile device can offer before being plugged in. Any other mobile tablet will give about 4-5 hrs best case

  15. bigspecsdaddy
    bigspecsdaddy says:

    Thank you for this video, great upload! I was debating between Wacom and iPad Pro, and you’ve helped me make my decision. If you don’t mind me asking, what is the keyboard cover that you have? I like the illuminated keyboard. Thanks again.


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