iPad Pro Review (2018)


In our 2018 iPad Pro review, we answer the question, “can this replace my laptop?” Is the switch to USB-C a game changer? We also try the new Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard Folio case.

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31 replies
  1. Thinking About Reality
    Thinking About Reality says:

    The 1st generation Apple Pencil can be charged with a regular iPhone Lightning cable. An adapter comes in the box. You don’t have to plug it into the port on aan iPad. Also, why not bring up if the iPad Pro 12.9 is appropriate for students given its larger display and for multitasking? Is it only for artists? As a masters student I want to buy the 12.9 Pro to be more like a laptop first, and an iPad as a backup option, which appeals to me. Just some thoughts. 🙂

  2. Marsorry Ickua
    Marsorry Ickua says:

    This is next level video production and product review – not bad at all. Nicely done. I’m also quite happy with the overall analysis. Really got tired of hearing I can’t replace my laptop coz of YouTubers ambitions of video editing and Photoshop – neither of which I’m good at nor wish to master.

  3. paula Havens
    paula Havens says:

    I think I will stay with my iPad 5 generation, if I upgrade I will go with the 6th generation iPad 2018. Because of the price and because the pro has a lot of stuff I problably would never even use.The price increase to me would not be worth it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Saundra Smith
    Saundra Smith says:

    Gadgetmatch…can you please review iPad Pro 3cases?The best of the best comparison of the Otterbox Symmetry UAG Metropolis and the much anticipated Zugu muse case…also screen protectors.

  5. Gio Pa
    Gio Pa says:

    A STANDARD APPLE OPTION should be what it does “luna display”, but without external drive like “luna display”! And then, WHY APPLE does not develop a SINGLE OPERATING SYSTEM between macOS e iOS?

  6. Gio Pa
    Gio Pa says:

    Too EXPENSIVE iPad Pro 2018 !!!! For THAT PRICE the APPLE PENCIL SHOULD GIVE IT TO YOU, and even the Smart Keyboard!! And then what is the usb-c if it does not read files from hard disk??


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