iPad Pro Review: 1 Year Later


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Just over a year ago, Apple announced the all new iPad Pro. Gone was the Home button and Touch ID, and the Lightning port. Thanos-snapped were half the bezels. In their place was a TrueDepth camera and Face ID, and a USB-C Port. All wrapped up in a modern, retro design.

It was controversial at first because all that A12X power and Liquid Retina grace just felt so underserved by the iOS 12 feature set it shipped with.

That was 2018. This is 2019. And, while the atoms have gone without an upgrade the bits have finally started coming into their own with iPadOS, an offshoot of iOS 13.

We’ve even seen some discounts, a hundred or a couple bucks off the top, as we head into the holidays.

So, have we gone from super high priced to slightly more affordable? More importantly, have we gone from bleeding-edge hardware limited by software to outdated hardware made functional at longest last? Or, have we finally found the perfect balance, at least until the next update?

Let’s figure it out.

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47 replies
  1. Grant Reisfelt
    Grant Reisfelt says:

    Wow 18 minutes of crying. Stop stop stop I used to think the iPhone was my greatest piece of tech then I got the iPad Pro 2018 and it is by far the best. I no longer use my laptop and haven’t missed a step and I do day trading just with my 12.9” iPad Pro. Three things I want to touch on first is slide over I know I am a bigger klutz then you are and I have it mastered it is quite simple. Second is the complaining about the camera’s I have never ever seen a person using the camera on a iPad that is what your iPhone is for, well at least that is what I use along with 99.9% of iPad users. Third stop complaining about Final Cut Pro or whatever it is called. LumaFusion is very capable I see people on YouTube who only use it and a couple of people that I follow only use the iPad for editing and no offense there videos are just as good as yours. Something I have learned over my many years is people hate change. Love your videos and love brilliant thanks for finding them.

  2. Karl SMA
    Karl SMA says:

    As dyed in the wool Android user, I have to say that the Pro is the 1st Apple device I would love to own. Outside of some silly Apple decisions, it's a perfect device.

  3. Paul Gendron
    Paul Gendron says:

    Hi Rene! I love my 11inch iPad Pro. Thank you for reflections on use after a year. I wonder if my UAG case with Apple Pencil holder will work for you. Also, do you have insights on how the swipe-up gesture is meant to work (location of action with how many fingers) to show/close open applications? I seem to achieve the desired result only after several tries. Thank you so much!

  4. Howard Skeivys
    Howard Skeivys says:

    Excellent well articulated video. I purchased my 12.9 2018 iPad Pro in January and luv it. It suits my needs.

    I don’t notice the deep black imperfections in its LED screen unless I have it adjacent to my iPhone 11 Pro! It would benefit from an additional USBC port and Apples positioning of the smart connector port has been prohibitive to third party accessory manufacturers.

    I’ve experienced absolutely issues with bending even though I carry it everywhere in my backpack, it is paired with the Brydge keyboard though which doubles its weight and bulk.

    It is not perfect and I like to hope that Apple listen to constructive criticism. However, I still believe it to be the most versatile and accommodating computing device out there.

    Of course, if you’re going to spend that type of money on portable electronics, AppleCare is to be encouraged.

    Correction too an earlier statement. I have had absolutely NO issues with bending!

  5. Ogikay
    Ogikay says:

    Ive been using my ipad pro 12.9 for a year now i guess. As an International Trade and Business student it completely replaced my macbook pro. I just sold the laptop short after

  6. gabriel teran
    gabriel teran says:

    Great review and content, do you think we’ll ever see an “Mac mini pro” something bigger than what we have now and with better cooling system, more power and some upgrade options?

  7. Kwarkool
    Kwarkool says:

    I seriously don’t want a great camera on an iPad. I just hate seeing parents, tourist, theatre audience waving a A4 sized glass tablet for a camera in a social setting.

    Seriously anti social behaviour.

  8. John Armwood
    John Armwood says:

    Now this was an excellent review. I would just like to add that I like the Logitech folio keyboard a lot better than the Apple one. I took that one back, I love the backlit keys, the pen holder and the added protection at the corners. I was afraid I would not like the added weight but it has not been an issue for me.

  9. J Searcy
    J Searcy says:

    I currently have a 5 year old HP computer and I am always interested in maybe switching to an iPad Pro and run that as my primary but not sure about downloading documents and movies and how that would work with an Ipad. The latest iPad update has made things really tempting. Its really close to that computer and tablet sweet spot. Thanks for the review Rene!

  10. Connor Duffus
    Connor Duffus says:

    The whole gesture overload with drag and drop and Quick Action menus and all that I 100% agree with. It’s why I always wanted Apple to double down on 3D Touch and bring it to iPad ASAP. Which they never did. So now we have these overloaded gesutres where if we had 3D Touch, it’s unload some of that burden.

  11. Patrick Blanc
    Patrick Blanc says:

    Love iPad Pro and iPad OS but my only issue is that I contract with several government agencies and they constantly send encrypted emails that must be downloaded as a html and opened in a browser. I have to pull out the MacBook to read and respond those emails. Literally that is all I use my MacBook for now, everything else can be handled on the iPad Pro because of iPad OS. Also, I would like a way that would allow me to keep my hands on the keyboard instead of switching back and forth like you mentioned. Everyone seems to dislike the touch bar on the MacBooks but maybe a larger touch car type feature on a newly designed folio keyboard (if that’s possible) for the iPad Pro would be the perfect fit. Thanks for the videos Rene.

  12. Mike Hendley
    Mike Hendley says:

    Love my 12.9 iPad Pro. I edit and manage my podcast with it. I also spend hours a week doing digital art with Procreate on it as well. Great video Rene. The only issue for me is the location if FaceID.

  13. Tej Sandhu
    Tej Sandhu says:

    I've been using iPad Pro as my main computer since June 2017 as a student, but I still use Mac for writing essays and research papers. Idk if mouse support would help (cuz it's very annoying to tap or move text around) but I really enjoy using the ipad and can't wait for more improvements now that we have iPadOS—still hopeful that Apple finally nails iPad multitasking (its way better now but still hella confusing to use)

  14. Graham Jones
    Graham Jones says:

    I think the camera upgrades are fine, but not everyone needs it. Perhaps there should be an option with a simpler camera. I think this is a vertical market, so there perhaps needs to be a differentiator for people who don’t need this camera upgrade. I preferred the previous keyboard orientation, due to hiding the keys when in tablet mode, but it hasn’t been a deal-breaker. I think they pivoted the keyboard towards writers more than artists/designers, which makes sense, give that it’s for writing with. Love the idea of the keyboard becoming the trackpad, and I don’t think it’s impossible to see Apple build something like that, with their own solutions behind it. Wh I really want, is a desktop version of this. Big, bold and beautiful touch screen, which sits in the studio, on a swivel cradle, and your work just syncs to it through iCloud.

  15. Lee
    Lee says:

    Both my iPad pros have had ghost touching issues. The screen torques and it’s messed up the lcd screen, so after picking it up and setting it down, it will press the bottom right corner. They gave me a new iPad but now this one is doing it too. It gets worse over time


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