iPad Pro iPadOs: Extreme Storage with Sandisk...


Sandisk Extreme SSD is Rugged and Portable. Perfect for iPadOs…

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  1. Why Me
    Why Me says:

    I'm new to apple ,my ipad 11 is first apple. One thing I can't stand is no true files management app also the fact that I can't back up my photos easily to my hard drive also my hard drive no matter If files app can see I have photos and videos I get no option on photos app to import, my ipad can import from my a6400 sony camera but not a hard drive (can only import via files app). Wish apple was more open like my windows pc or like my android phone

  2. Keng of the World
    Keng of the World says:

    What I really want to know is: can LumaFusion directly access the files from it? I am planning to upgrage to the iPad Pro 512gb from the iPad 6th Gen 32gb just because of LumaFusion. But if this does the trick, I'd go for this instead.

  3. Michael Moss
    Michael Moss says:

    I’m about to get an iPad Pro to edit videos for my 8yr olds YT channel, Rumble O Death, and was looking at getting the WD wi-fi SSD, will you be doing any testing on this?? Keep up the good work 👍

  4. Ian Rowley
    Ian Rowley says:

    I have the exact same drive 500gb but it won’t transfer files of around 9gb plus (not sure if there is a maximum limit)
    9gb is a relatively small 4k HDR file and as a pro device this shouldn’t be an issue with the iPad Pro but I find it is. Has anyone else got the same issues?? My iMac 2013 will read and transfer the same file size but iPad OS won’t ? It won’t work on either h.264 or h.265 file types as I’ve tried both types with several large videos. Has anyone else had success and can pass on their solution?

  5. Kevin C
    Kevin C says:

    would this be good for storing movies and books? I'm looking to get the Sandisk Extreme SSD 1TB or Samsung T5 1TB……or maybe I could save a few bucks and buy a 512gb thumb drive with adapter idk man pls help I need some advice!!!

  6. TaeSone
    TaeSone says:

    Thanks for this video. I'm planing to buy an iPad pro 64gb instead of the air 254gb since now you can use external storage and my university gives me 1tb of onedrive.

    I want just two apps for taking notes, procreate and some games (fornite, pubg and apple arcade when its out) do you think it's wise to buy the iPad pro 64gb?


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