iPad Pro For Note-taking | FULL REVIEW | iPadOS (2019)


So I have covered the iPad Pro extensively in the past weeks. However, now I want to get more into depth on some of its aspects such as video editing, photo/creative work and in this case note-taking with the Apple Pencil.

In this video I demo the default iOS/iPadOS notes app, Notability and Goodnotes 5 on my iPad Pro 11″ in order to give you a feel for what you can expect if you buy this device for school. I personally bought this device to replace all my notebooks!





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  1. Rayen
    Rayen says:

    Hey Noah, in your experience so far, have you ever worried about scratching your iPad Pro's screen? I bought an 11 inch myself a couple weeks ago due to one of your videos, and I'm already paranoid of somehow scratching it, even with a case on it!

  2. Momo
    Momo says:

    Hey man! Thanks to you I picked up the 11 inch iPad a few days ago and man is it a good investment. The Apple pencil is a game changes and so smooth to use. I do recommend getting a paperlike screen protector.

  3. Alyssa Kelley
    Alyssa Kelley says:

    Hi, Noah! I am super torn between the 12.9” and the 11”. I am in college on a research fellowship, so multitasking is very important. On your 11”- do you find having an ebook or a webpage easy to read when you have a note app open in split screen? Note app would take up an even 50% of the screen.

  4. Perpendicular Driving
    Perpendicular Driving says:

    Is the notes app sufficient for college or do I have to buy the other apps? I don't think I like onenote, notability, or good notes. Can you create sections, folders, notebooks, etc and still be organized in the stock notes app?

    Evernote is my alternative if notes isn't enough


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