iPad Pro + External Storage | Photo/Video Workflow Demo!


Can you use an iPad Pro (running iPadOS) with an external hard drive/SSD? In this video (which I should have posted a while ago haha) I go over how you can use an external USB SSD (Samsung T5) with iPad Pro (in my case the 11″ 64GB) and utilize the storage space for photo and video editing!

My SSD: https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-T5-Portable-SSD-MU-PA1T0B/dp/B073H552FJ/ref=as_sl_pc_qf_sp_asin_til?tag=noahherman-20&linkCode=w00&linkId=8550825eb8043c7517ec3fc698a9a935&creativeASIN=B073H552FJ



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  1. Derek Mandy
    Derek Mandy says:

    I can’t wait to watch this later. I’ve recently switched back over to the Apple ecosystem. Got the iPhone 11 Pro and trying to decide between the iPad Pro 11 or 12.9.

    From there I was wanting to get back into illustrating and introduce myself to video editing for another creative outlet.

    I have a surface pro, which is great… but it’s not really a tablet for quick games and just consuming. Great for work flow though. When it comes to professional apps for creatives it doesn’t really have the hardware to support it from what I’ve seen.

    The iPad just seems to stream line things a lot better. I say all this without watching the video yet.

  2. Jordan Ng
    Jordan Ng says:

    I have the IPad Pro 11 using the hyperdrive usb c hub I can access SD cards just fine, but I can't get my WD Passport 2 TB (already formatted it to eXFAT 3 times) to show up on the IPAD Pro, suggestions?

  3. ben designs
    ben designs says:

    Thanks Noah, when the day comes that we can finally edit from external storage, that will be a great day. File management is still pretty difficult because each app stores their own things and so there is a lot of duplication and figuring out how to purge the files is difficult, even when I do it in LumaFusion I only seem to get back about half the space it was taking up…

  4. Tom Burke
    Tom Burke says:

    When you moved the clip and the photos you started by selecting ‘Move’; then after identifying the destination you selected ‘Copy’. Is it a Move operation (I.e. does it remove the originals from the SD card?), or is it a Copy?

  5. tipoomaster
    tipoomaster says:

    Having to copy the files over to internal to have the program start to work on them, and then exporting them again, is still the productivity killer. macOS or most others can work on external media directly, this is still where iPadOS hampers productivity.

  6. PabloReviews
    PabloReviews says:

    Happy new year! This is the first youtuve video I saw. I like a lot your ipad videos, thanks to them I'm buying the iPad Air in the following weeks^^

    External storage in a non-pro iPad works a bit worse (because of the adapter), but well, at least we can use it!

  7. Lutz H.
    Lutz H. says:

    If you copy and do a lot of file work, I would highly recommend File Explorer or File Browser (both on the App Store) cause not having a status bar while coping in Apple Files App was driving me nuts. Also you can sync Folders you dont have to do it all manually all the time. This tools are very mighty.

  8. Sulio
    Sulio says:

    Hey, thank you for this video ! I personally do not care about storing photos or videos on my ipad bcs i relie essentially on the cloud. So, i would like to know if 64gb is enough to store all the apps I want (basically how much apps can you have) ?

  9. Loveumielle
    Loveumielle says:


    1: Is moving files the same as copying files in windows or cutting files.

    2: If you want to share a video file to a 3rd party app like playerextreme to watch a movie, what will happen to the video file being shared. Will it copy the file or move it or make a duplicate one for the file app and second for the 3rd party app.

    3: Is there a 3rd party app that can play video in files app because the video player in files doesn't support subtitles like .srt. Thanks in advance

  10. Kevin Sands
    Kevin Sands says:

    iPad OS and Lumafusion are still lacking eh? Great video Noah. Until Apple and app developers get their storage situation straightened out; iPad is still only an iPad though.


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