Ipad Pro, Apple Pencil & Procreate - Artist Review


Here’s my thoughts on the ipad pro, apple pencil & procreate from an artists perspective! I hope you enjoyed this review.
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•Pencil strap https://amzn.to/2NzgnSd
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Air Hockey Saloon by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Source: http://chriszabriskie.com/vendaface/
Artist: http://chriszabriskie.com/



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  1. JelArts
    JelArts says:

    Just wanted to clarify something I said that might be confusing. The Ipad pros are actually very fast and can compete with some laptops. The only drawback is sometimes you need a program that isn't available on the apple store. I meant to say that somewhere.

  2. Watermark Loves Palette
    Watermark Loves Palette says:

    Just a tip; if you draw a circle and don’t lift the Apple Pencil for a few seconds it automatically makes a perfect circle. Same goes for other shapes like squares, rectangles, poly lines, and just normal lines.

  3. yeehaw
    yeehaw says:

    I use my iPad for pretty much everything, but on the downside it’s an iPad Air 2 🙁 I’ve had it for about 3 years now, it works amazing still but I really want to get an iPad Pro 🙁

  4. Mark Curry
    Mark Curry says:

    I have a bamboo and it’s small, but it’s such a pain having all the cords and the distance from my MacBook screen. This seems super cool since I can pop it open sketch fast. especially since I have kiddos. Is this raster or vector based? What file type does procreate save as?
    I use illustrator atm

  5. MiArt
    MiArt says:

    This has helped me in my decision to purchase an ipad pro with the apple pencil 2. I am so glad I found your station and love all your beautiful drawings. Thank you for sharing. xoxox Mi

  6. Chantal Yepez
    Chantal Yepez says:

    who else is on here looking at the iPad Pro twenty-four 7 and thing of buying it. But it too expensive and you know you can't afford it and if you ask your parents won't buy it for you ( why is this me for all my art supplies ) 🙁

  7. Valerie Zahn
    Valerie Zahn says:

    This video, and your entire channel, are giving me such good tips for when I go back to art school Fall 2018. I've got almost a year to prepare myself and practice! Thank you!

  8. Mihucchi hime
    Mihucchi hime says:

    hello , thanks for ur review! I actually usually rest my hand on paper when drawing but since ipad has touch feature how am i supposed to rest my hand while drawing on screen it gotta mess things up.. is there a way to turn it off? thanks

  9. kemicalromanc15
    kemicalromanc15 says:

    Super helpful. I have a cintiq 13 hd and I LOVE it BUT….I'm on a the go ALL THE TIME and I can't do any work quickly enough and trying to sketch on a sketch pad and take a photo of it and get it uploaded to IG is a pain in the ass…so i'm looking at getting a refurbished ipad pro.

  10. Aura 6825
    Aura 6825 says:

    I already had an i pad for just apps and stuff and kinda just a normal tablet. But I got the Apple Pencil about a year and a half ago and that’s been my art tablet ever since. I never had an art tablet before it.

  11. PRM Digital Productions
    PRM Digital Productions says:

    I found your video while looking for reviews on Procreate. I’m a photographer and my 11 year old daughter is really starting to get passionate about drawing so I bought the 11 inch iPad Pro and should be getting it today. Really excited to try it out. Anyways great video and you’re an amazing artist!!

  12. Kev'K.
    Kev'K. says:

    Hey Jel,
    i'm very interested into your brushes, they seem customated, right? 🙂 Could u please make a short Video or comment about them, because i'm also new with Procreate and I didn't found the perfect pencils/brushes for me :/

  13. noriko
    noriko says:

    How did you move that bar on the side to the right? I’m left-handed and the side of my palm ALWAYS touches that bar and messes my brush up.

  14. beshjs
    beshjs says:

    IMO you are ctrl-Zing and erasing too much, it would be much easier to get a basic idea down first and then to refine it after. As i said, just my opinion everyone works differently.

  15. Michel Morrissette
    Michel Morrissette says:

    Procreate isn’t the ONLY sketching/drawing/painting app to use on an iPad.

    For text and shape tools, look at ArtStudio Pro in the iOS App Store.
    I use this almost exclusively now instead of Procreate

    Also, look at ArtRage which has both Mac and PC versions.

  16. Michel Morrissette
    Michel Morrissette says:

    Matte screen protectors ruin the resolution/qulaity/clarity of the iPad Pro’s screen for using for anything else.
    Watching videos on an iPad with a matte screen protector on really makes the images grainy looking.
    Too big a trade off for me.
    Rather draw right on the glass.
    The lines in the matte screen protector show up on your iPad in this video.
    Almost looks like s moire pattern.
    Matte screen protectors are not good if you use a tablet for other things

  17. Martin Andersen
    Martin Andersen says:

    I have an iPad Pro 12” with a red half-case with integrated rubberised pencil holder at the top, with cutouts at the back so you can pop it out. That way it is always with me. I find it more convenient than the pencil case like the one you have, which I used before now. For charging, I put the end into the rubber pencil holder, where it stays safe. I have the half-case because I wanted the keyboard case, which I got for Christmas. It snaps on and off as needed magnetically, I could get the regular snap on cover if I wanted something lighter. But it basically stays put at home, and I have come to love the type cover which makes writing this so much easier, as well as Facebook, forums, notes, letters, etc. This thing has basically replaced my day-to-day computing for everything other than my photo editing (I’m an enthusiast photographer), Photoshop, etc, which I have a Mac for. But even there, my ipad can come in handy via Astropad, an app that makes the ipad into a small Cintique display tablet, good for painting masks in photo editing, etc, or if I want to draw in Photoshop (though I still have an old Wacom 6” tablet somewhere gathering dust).

  18. Junior M
    Junior M says:

    You should have waited another few weeks for the new 2018 iPad Pro's that are coming out this month, and they're going to be 40%+ faster. 2017 iPad Pro is still the fastest tablet out there, but a lil speed upgrade can't hurt!

  19. Christoph K.
    Christoph K. says:

    My iPad Pro ended up to be used for web browsing only. Drawing is much more comfortable with a normal tablet like the Wacom Intuos because I can look straight ahead instead of leaning over the iPad. I also don't like the drawing surface angled up to much. It just doesn't work for me. It was kinda a waste of a lot of money. Regarding the Apple Pencil: I just leave the power cable adapter on instead of the cap. That way the adapter is always on the place it needs to be. Not sure why anyone would leave the cap on to be honest. It doesn't have any function.


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