iPad Pro 2020 Unboxing & First Impressions


Taking a Closer look at the new iPad 2020 and cross comparing it to the previous generation, the iPad 2018 model. Let me know any questions you have about it so I can try to answer it in the review video!

iPad Pro 11″ 2018 Composition Notebook Case:

Game Featured is AR Dragon:

Best iPhone Apps:

‪ A Non Tech Review‬ of AirPods Pro vs Powerbeats Pro:

10 Things Techmeout Can’t Live Without:

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46 replies
  1. Veronica Wilkerson
    Veronica Wilkerson says:

    Thanks for another awesome video!
    Do you think we could get a video of phone cases for the 11 pro? Mine comes in tomorrow and I’ve yet to find a protective case or just a nice case for it in general.

  2. Arnold K
    Arnold K says:

    Dang I'm late. But I am pretty impressed by this iPad. More so eager to see what all people will end up doing with it since it is so capable. And who wouldn't like a shout out haha #TeamTMO

  3. skyllerkyller
    skyllerkyller says:

    Watching this on my 12.9 2017 iPad Pro. I like the bigger one mainly because I watch a lot of content on my iPad and I like the bigger screen. Also should I upgrade it? My 2017 still works just fine

  4. Sherry Jameson
    Sherry Jameson says:

    I bought the 11 inch… I’ve played around with the 12.9 and found it to be to big. I have a hub, so if I need anything bigger I can hook it up to a monitor. It’s so portable. You can get the 2018 on apple sight in support and as refurbished.

  5. tiggerlove12
    tiggerlove12 says:

    After my MacBook Pro kinda died I bought the 12.9 in iPad Pro..1TB last yr. I will be getting a 11” but I’m waiting as I hear they will be having another model with 5g coming in September.. Thanks for a good video..Stay Safe to u ur family and friends. ☝🏽❤️

  6. Carlos Fowler
    Carlos Fowler says:

    The 11" is a good tablet size. With Apple adding mouse and trackpad support, it's beginning to be a good productivity tool and not just a media consumption device. As it get closer to a laptop replacement I would want the same size or similar screen as the laptop I was using. That's why I would lean towards the 12.9" version.

  7. TheRealEcuaBoi
    TheRealEcuaBoi says:

    I thought about getting the 12.9 but after seeing from AverageConsumer tech channel, that’s way too big and be carrying it around. I think the 11” iPad Pro is a good size. Plus now I saw the silver color on the back, I don’t like it. It’s my preference I will choose the space gray color. So I’ll be ordering my new iPad Pro in the summer in space gray and the 11” size.
    I also love your channel and thank you for sharing this video and thoughts. I can’t wait to try it out


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