iPad Pro 2020 + Trackpad Unboxing + Hands-On


Apple’s new iPad Pro 2020 is not a huge upgrade over the 2018 iPad Pro, but it will make for a great upgrade for older iPad Pro users.



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  1. Admin Borz
    Admin Borz says:

    Omg, thank you so much for full explanation and overview! It looks really awesome! Other youtubers haven't even normally showed it lol. So, I just need to subscribe and watch your another videos. Tysm, have a luck! 🤝

  2. Fhiko Abdoelhak
    Fhiko Abdoelhak says:

    Hi, What dou you think to get? the 11 inch or the 12 9 inch?

    What i do is :

    Youtube, Video editing 4k, office, web brwosing, watch movies.

    And can you tell me somthing more? the model 2018 was a problem with some bends on it. Is sthis still so like te one before?

  3. Grumpy Robin
    Grumpy Robin says:

    Ben, if you have a bluetooth mouse hanging around can you customize the extra buttons and figure out if you can use the ipad an enitre day without touching the screen? would really help people who cant afford a magick trackpad

  4. Abdul Karim
    Abdul Karim says:

    I subscribed you when you have just 5k or 10 k subscriber at that time you were underrated and now you have 100k sub you're still underrated you should have million of subs man you're one of the best


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