iPad Pro 2020 Review - SLIGHTLY More Amazing | Two Weeks Later


Link to Paperlike! https://paperlike.com/Noah7 It’s finally time for my iPad Pro 2020 full review. I’ve been using and testing the 11″ and 12.9″ for two weeks straight and I feel confident in sharing my experience(s) I’ve had with these new tablets. In this video I go over design aspects, display quality, battery life, camera overall performance (note-taking, video editing, photo editing, gaming) and touch on a overarching theme of marginal improvement (something very predictable and historical with Apple).

Link to my iPad Pro 11” vs 12.9” Size Comparison: https://youtu.be/hJXzIWpa4WI



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  1. Joe Pro
    Joe Pro says:

    Great review. I already have the iPad Pro 2020. I upgraded from the 2018 iPad Pro. Gave my old iPad to my son so he can do school work from home. That was my justification on getting the new one. Lol

  2. Lee
    Lee says:

    The processor bump has done so much in gaming. I know reviewers are saying not to upgrade from the 2018, but if you play Fortnite, CoD Mobile, or PUBG Mobile, definitely upgrade.

  3. Alise Otmane
    Alise Otmane says:

    As an interior design student I'm fairly intrigued by the inclusion and evolution of AR in mass consumer devices such as this iPad and the possibilities it could bring to my field. Though so far the 2020's Pro camera seems mostly just mentioned in passing as a fancy gimmick. Any serious users of this feature around here?

  4. Bo Zhao
    Bo Zhao says:

    my motivation to upgrade is the WiFi 6. My primary job for iPad Pro is entertainment , reading and note taking. Now the iPad Pro ‘s productivity is improved very much by iPad OS 13.4 . I am happy with my iPad Pro .

  5. Haak333
    Haak333 says:

    4:30 – Never used Paperlike so I wouldn't know from experience but from the video I'd say I would prefer the more "matte" look Paperlike seems to give compared to the default glossy screen.


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