iPad Pro 2020 GAMING Test! | Fortnite, PUBG, COD Mobile, Asphalt 9, Minecraft (With Controller)


In this video I test several of the games you recommend on my iPad Pro 2020 12.9″! With a connected bluetooth Xbox controller I run Fortnite, Call of Duty Mobile, NBA 2K Mobile, Minecraft, PUBG, Oceanhorn 2, Hot Lava, Roblox, Asphalt 9, Legends Shadowgun to see just how the new A12Z chip inside can push them on the iPadOS platform!



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  1. Iron Ven04
    Iron Ven04 says:

    "iPad entry"
    :Cause this will help my arts better and a better watching your videos on q big screen, though they said that you have to be contented of what you have but there's nothing wrong if you try. Just hoping 😊.

  2. Dhanush G
    Dhanush G says:

    "iPad entry"


    Why: Currently, at this moment, I am using a very old computer that I received from my school. It got to the point where it takes 10 to 15 minutes to power the laptop on and even more time to load webpages. I know my chances are incredibly slim for winning this amazing giveaway, however I felt it's worth a shot because you are a very considerate and humble being. Receiving this iPad, which is exponentially better than my computer right now, would be the biggest dream come true. Furthermore, I wish to be able to use this device for all my academic work. I greatly applaud you and thank you for considering my request for this incredible opportunity. Thank you very much!!!

  3. The Fabulous 3921
    The Fabulous 3921 says:

    Wow, Asphalt 9 is my favorite game and it ran like a dream in the ipad pro. But I play it with iphone 6 plus though and the performance in my ip6 is nowhere near that of the ipad. It lags so much and everything messes up. Wish I could try that smoothness man, but for a kid like me itz impossible to leave my ip6. :'(

  4. Gaurav Pandher
    Gaurav Pandher says:

    Hi, Noah, I hope you are doing well during this crisis right now. I have subscribed to you with post notifications and I have liked the video and shared it too. I have also subscribed to Paperlike and did Post Notifications. I would be greatly appreciated if I won the giveaway. It would help my family a lot in many different ways. I and my sisters could use it for school and my parents could use it for work. In our household, we are very conservative and aren't in the best situation moneywise. So with this Ipad, it could help me and my 3 sisters with school and my parents when they work. Its kind of hard living in an unfortunate household and money is always been tight. So winning this Ipad could help me in my education and my sisters and help us excel in school. Great Love Gary Pandher. Also, a way to contact me would be Instagram and my handle is @gary_pandher_13. Much love and stay safe- Gary Pandher.
    P.s I really really hope I win!!

  5. Karen Abellana
    Karen Abellana says:

    Ipad Entry!!! DONEEEEE
    Always wanted to have an IPad and not all of us can afford it its way expensive for me as a student. It will surely help me as an Engineering Student it will surely be handy for me in making structural designs, project management, taking notes and organize stuffs also gaming and will surely help me a lot!!! Im also into photo and video editing and It will truly be amazing to won this giveaway and if not congratulations to the winner!!! Love from Philippines ❤️

  6. hey
    hey says:

    Great video dude, but if I may suggest, in future videos it would be great if you also analyze how well the iPad handle these demanding apps at multitasking, how long it keeps it open before refreshing (not only games, but overall apps, I often find annoying how my iPhone refreshes apps like photos after a while, closing the photo that I have open). Don’t get it wrong, the video was great, but honestly, there was no doubt about how well the iPad would handle it, even older iPhones can still run pretty much every thing available at the App Store

  7. Patricia Anne
    Patricia Anne says:

    Done. Hi my name is Patty and I want to win this iPad Pro because :
    1. I'm a student. I constantly print out papers/handouts whenever I study because I love to highlight and annotate whenever I review my notes (that is how I retain info) and that is only possible with an actual highlighter and paper…. unless I have an iPad that has an apple pencil where I can lessen my paper consumption and just highlight and annotate on the iPad itself. (Btw I'm a pre-med student & this would make my studies handy since it's a long journey for me still)
    2. I am thinking of starting a youtube channel as well. Although it's kinda tough to be recognized in this field nowadays, I still wanna pursue it cause whenever I watch my favourite youtubers, I always say to myself that "I wanna create content" "I wanna share this and that to the people who'd follow me". With that being said, I think winning an iPad Pro that would help a lot especially that apple is sooo proud to say that this tablet can handle video editing.
    3. Who don't wanna grab an opportunity like this right? I wanna win simply because I consider this as an opportunity, a blessing if you may… We all know that this kind of gadget is very pricey and students like me cannot afford it. That is why I wanna thank you for hosting this giveaway. You're generous enough to do this giveaway & I hope your channel continues to grow :D.

    Goodluck to everyone joining this giveaway. <3

  8. Ramansh Wadhwa
    Ramansh Wadhwa says:

    WHY: I am going through law school this would really change my life. It is so easy making notes in this. My classmate uses one and it takes me years to make notes and find them in time of need. But this sucks I can't afford it coz of law school fees. And I could pay you 4x the amount of this once I get my first paycheck. After some years love you


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