iPad Pro 2020 : Early Review


Everything you need to know about the iPad Pro 2020


So on March 18th Apple had officially announced their new 2020 iPad Pro which for some time now , was being rumoured for having a March release . We got a lot of things right ,we got a lot of things wrong

and I know that this video is late but you know you’re boi’s board exams just got over due to which scripting and editing took a little bit of time

So lets start of this channel’s first comeback video with the most iconic line associated with it

Hey guys whats going its your boy majora boy and welcome back to another video

In today’s video I’m going to be telling you guys everything you need to know about the new 2020 iPad pros so lets roll the intro and then lets get right into it


So when it comes to design the iPad Pro 2020 is exactly the same as the iPad Pro 2018 except for the camera arrangement which we shall get to later in the video , the sizes for the new iPad pros have also not changed . The new iPad pros still have an 11 inch and a 12.9 inch model .

{Broll}When it comes to its display it has a resolution of 2388 x 1668 and a ppi of 264 which is the exact same resolution and ppi of the iPad Pro 2018 . I was really hoping for an OLED display or a mini led display for the new pro , to make it more pro you know

Now Most of the upgrades of the new iPad Pro are internal

[B roll] Firstly it has an all new processor in it , this processor being the A12z bionic chip rather than the A12X . The A12z is an 8 core CPU which has 4 high performance cores and 4 high efficiency cores with increased clock speeds . It also has an integrated 8 core GPU in it which means it will have even more graphic performance than the integrated 6 core graphics of the A12x bionic chip. The thermal architecture has also been improved which will allow the chip to work for longer periods of time at peak performance without heating up

[b roll]the 2020 iPad Pro and has 6 GB of ram and comes in 4 storage options 128 gb at 799$ , 256gb at 899$ , 512gb at 1099$ and 1TB at 1299$

Apple has made the base model of the 11 inch more customer friendly as before the base model would have only 64 gb of storage for 799$ which was not enough of storage if you wanted to make the iPad Pro you’re daily computer
But now the base model begins at 128gb for 799$ which means you’re getting more storage for the exact same price of 799$

Now lets talk about the cameras on the new iPad Pro

broll][Firstly the new iPad Pro rather than having a single lens camera setup has a dual lens camera setup making this the first iPad to have such a camera system
The setup includes a 12mp wide angle lens which has an F 1.8 aperture
And a 10 MP ultra wide lens with f 2.4 aperture
The cameras have a 2X optical zoom out and a 5x optical zoom in
Both of these lenses are from the iPhone 11 so you will be able to shoot the same quality of photos and video of the iPhone 11 on the iPad Pro ]

[broll]Secondly the iPad Pro cameras have an additional lidar sensor
LIDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging , the way this technology works is it uses light in the form of a pulsed laser to measure ranges, this is the same technology that will be used in nasa’s mars mission to map the Martian landscape

[broll]Now LIDAR technology is being used in the iPad Pro to improve augmented reality and make it more immersive interactive and accurate

That’s all for the iPad’s internal upgrades but we are not done yet because along with the iPad Pro apple also released an accessory that I’m more excited for then the iPad Pro 2020 as well
And that is the magic keyboard

I cant tell you guys how excited I’m for this keyboard because this keyboard really takes the iPad Pro experience to another level
[broll]Firstly more than having a fabric style keyboard you have a full fledged backlit keyboard with scissor switches which give you 1mm
Of travel .

[my face] Now its not that i dont like the Smart Keyboard keys but
if i were given a choice between the fabric keys and the scissor switches i would definitely go for the scissor switches as they are more comfortable to type on

[broll]Secondly the magic keyboard has an inbuilt trackpad that has full cursor support . The cursor is not your typical one and is specifically made for the iPad’s touch based OS . Now this cursor support will be coming to all iPads in iPad OS 13.4 so dont worry you will get cursor support regardless of which iPad you own

[broll]Thirdly this keyboard has a hinge that allows you to adjust your iPad at any angle and is not restricted to two positions like the previous Smart Keyboard

[Broll]And lastly the new magic keyboard has a type C port built into the keyboard which allows you to charge the iPad Pro while freeing up your second type C port that can be used for transferring data or attaching other accessories




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