iPad Pro 2018 vs Surface Pro 6 - Which One to Get?


Apple iPad Pro 3 vs Microsoft Surface Pro 6 – Full In-Depth Review!
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43 replies
  1. Rui Tavares
    Rui Tavares says:

    I am a medical student. I need a tablet to help me studying. I have a lot of pdfs to download and a lot of books. I also use a lot of Anatomy apps from play store to study. Which one you think i should get? I have a laptop but it is slowly dying and i want a device that will last me at least 5 years. Thank you so much and i m sorry if my English is not very good, i am from Spain.

  2. OmerM92
    OmerM92 says:

    How’s the writing experience on the Surface? Good for taking notes as a student? 🤔

    Also, can you make an updated version of this video? (iPadOS, new Surface etc…)

    Thanks for the great video!


    1:55 Thats for me actually a great advantage over the Apple Pen. Because you can change the battery. So your device is not limited to bad internal battery life which in case you are not able to repair or even change. So you habe to buy a new one. So in terms for longevity you are much saver and you also have a better chance to sell it. So thats not at all a disadvantage.

  4. Arvydas Andrius
    Arvydas Andrius says:

    6:50 surface – windows games(on surface 5, cs go and many other games was working for my, i played need for speed most wanted and carbon) and many other programs since its a normal windows pc with real windowd and intel cpu

  5. Don Bartolo
    Don Bartolo says:

    > Surface pen is no more Wacom tech since the third Surface. This is N-trig tech. ^^;
    > By the way, i understand it's for placing your sponsor, but the Apple pencil is not that slippery on the screen at all. What's annoying is the sound it makes when it touches the screen.
    greetings 🙂

  6. Josef Jr. Ababat
    Josef Jr. Ababat says:

    almost a year passed since this video was created and that iPadOS has finally arrived. I would say that iPad experience is very frustrating when you want to have a desktop functionality. the lack of true mouse support for iPad is a total deal breaker for me. iPad is okay as long as you use it as a Tablet only. If I dont have any computer, I would pick the Microsoft. But if I have excess money then I will buy iPad as a secondary device.

  7. Chi Chu
    Chi Chu says:

    The Apple iPad Pro will never beat the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 for as a complete computing power developed and designed as tablet computer devices.Because the iPad Pro was designed it for mostly for plain ordinary people to uses.The Surface Pro 6 was designed for as a desktop and a laptop to combined as for computing professional people to uses for as an office environment on the moves.


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