iPad Pro 2018 | Should You Still Buy It Now? | iPad Pro 2019 Rumors!


Recently I’ve been seeing articles about an alleged upgrade to iPad Pro line coming as soon as this October. iPad Pro 2019 is rumored to have an OLED display, a better camera setup (similar to iPhone 11), obviously a new chip (the A13) and numerous other improvements. But should this knowledge discourage you from picking up an iPad Pro 11″ or 12.9″ at the moment (for school working/note-taking, video editing, photo editing etc)?

In this video I cover the rumors and give you my take and explain why I think the iPad Pro 2018 is still a great purchase option despite the fact it may be succeeded by a new generation of product very very soon.



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  1. Yoav Simhoni
    Yoav Simhoni says:

    I don’t see anything but a specs bump for the 2019 iPad pros, probably more RAM and a graphic performance increase for modern console like gaming, once the new gaming service is up, plus the unnecessary addition of a camera lens). No OLED imho. I do believe that 2020 will see an iPad with an OLED display, although I would rather they start implementing micro led technology in other devices but the 2020 Apple Watch, which is rumored.
    Btw, it seems logical that with the new tv and gaming services, the most significant upgrade of September-October would be the Apple TV. I expect a beast, or at least, hope for one.

  2. Taylor Quinn
    Taylor Quinn says:

    Watching on the 2018, and since generally people look hella dumb taking pictures on their iPad and I am so thrilled with mine, I am very content with my purchase and would recommend anyone to just get the 2018. 🔥👌🏻🤙🏻

  3. Bishal Gc
    Bishal Gc says:

    2019 IPAD means an;
    An OLED Display
    More RAM (maybe}
    Dual camera (Dramatic/not needed)/ OIS
    Updated processor (A13)
    IPadOS out of the Box
    Minor upgrade over Battery, Speaker, WiFi, IO.

  4. Nrependra Dimree
    Nrependra Dimree says:

    hey noah! you might have tried your hands on 12.9 inches one too … so what are your views on it being better for notes taking in case of hand placements while writing on the screen or it is similar to the 11 inches one?
    PS. it is so uncanny …. i am wearing the exactly same t shirt, even the same color…right now.

  5. JCU
    JCU says:

    Best Buy had a sale this weekend (8/16-8/19) and someone messed up the price for the 11” iPad Pro 2018. It was suppose to be on sale for $799 but it was posted for $674(64GB sale price) and I jumped on it so fast. 👍🏽

  6. REMY -YT
    REMY -YT says:

    Hey man, been following you for a while am a student nd im kinda broke will the ipad 2018 do any gud ? I mean could i rely on it for atleast next two years maybe? For basic gaming photo editing coding purposes?
    Ps.my english is bad im asian


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