iPad Pro (2018) Review


It’s easy to be impressed with the new iPad Pro. It’s got a speedy processor, Face ID, an expansive display, USB-C, and it supports a greatly improved Apple Pencil. Even so, if you didn’t think the iPad Pro fit well into your workflow before, this model isn’t likely to change your mind.

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26 replies
  1. lauren bailey
    lauren bailey says:

    I have the new iPad Pro and iPhone XS Max for Christmas. I keep looking at reviews… why does everyone hate them? Honestly I’ve had them for like a week now and they are amazing.

  2. Anders Olsen
    Anders Olsen says:

    I was considering upgrading my iPad Air first generation to the new IPad Pro but I discovered that I had 12 apps purchased in App Store that needed upgrade and was not working anymore. I contacted Apple to complain as they have needed an upgrade for a long time. Apple just told me to contact the software developer and that I had absolutely no rights as consumer few months after purchasing the apps. The software developer I contacted did not care about my problem with their no longer working apps.
    I purchased an Apple IPad because I wanted to get access to all the apps in App Store and I wanted to be sure that things were working. Since this is not the case there is no reason for me to pay extra for an Apple product so I will wait for a tablet from the competition, which is 11” and save myself a lot of money.

  3. Lucy123
    Lucy123 says:

    Does anyone with the 12.9 in notice that there is a crevice space between the black edge of the screen with the upper and right side aluminum casing, revealing dark spots underneath and an uneven black edge on the top

  4. CarBarrientos
    CarBarrientos says:

    I couldn‘t stop thinking about that mean girls quote “I’m sorry I called you a gap toothed b****, its not your fault you’re so gap toothed”.
    Nice video tho.

  5. nounix 3
    nounix 3 says:

    can you transfer files in and out of the 2018 ipad pro in the same way that you can on a macbook (like, simply drag n drop into and from the ipad's hard disk from an external disk)? Or do you need to use that irritating itunes app? This is VERY important to me – I am thinking of getting a 2018 ipad pro instead of a laptop (as apple seems to be marketing the new ipad pro as being nearly the same a laptop), but if I can't freely move files in and out of the ipad pro then it's a TOTAL deal-breaker for me!


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