iPad Pro (2018) Review: Two weeks later!


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I received a lot of great feedback on my iPad Pro (2018) review and I appreciate it. But, I also got some criticism and I think it was valid and fair. I didn’t have as many negatives on my list as some other reviewers because I reviewed the new hardware and most of the negatives deemed directed at the not so new software. Also, I didn’t address the iPad Pros ability to replace a laptop, which is something almost every other review focused on extensively.

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So, after spending two weeks now with Apple’s third generation iPad Pro, I decided to make this re-review all about what I missed last time: iPad Pro as laptop replacement and the iPad Pro software story.

In other words, what I got wrong — and what I still think many other reviews got wrong.

Yeah, it’s like that. Hit play and let’s do this!


iPad Pro (2018) Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6femN2uU5k

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  1. Susan Pratt
    Susan Pratt says:

    By now, Adobe has already rolled the full version of Photoshop for the I-Pad Pro. I would love to see a full version of Illustrator, InDesign, and Adobe XD as well for the I-Pad Pro. I love how you can draw on it with a pencil, and I have heard people say they prefer it to the Wacom Pen. I would like it more than the Wacom tablet and pen. Also, MacOS 10.15 may have a sidebar app, that allows you to hook your I-Pad Pro, and use swipe over an app like Illustrator to the I-Pad Pro, and draw right on it, in lieu of the Wacom tablet, and you can also type on it, write notes (like in school, high school or college), and seems very versatile.

  2. Tye Miller
    Tye Miller says:

    If apple was to allow mouse/track pad and external support on its iPad….I believe it would be a game changer. Its possible Apple does not, because if they were to do so….then laptops as a whole would become nearly extinct….not something they want to do at this point….probably because of profit margins. Additionally, Apple once was a ‘customer first’ company, not so much now. When Steve Jobs at the helm….there was flexibility in apple devices…plenty of port options, able to upgrade Ram and Hard-drives, with reasonable price points.

    Apple has gone in he opposite direction at all levels with the impact being less then positive. The vast majority of folks I know and commentary’s I have seen….agree that Apples products are awesome and continue to be the best available.

    However, where they took the wrong turn, is over pricing to the average consumer, forcing customers to spend more beyond reasonable and removing the flexibility and options on their devices.

    Apple is no longer king of the hill because the management system and customer relations has reversed and eroded what Steve Job had vision. TIm Cook should be fired and a more consumer friendly CEO put in place.

    The bottom line is profits….its what the investors desire. Its my believe, if you provide a good product, charge a FAIR price an treat you customers right….the product will sell themselves…..

    The failing in sales of last batch of iPhones….were due to mostly over priced units for the average consumer and not really research is needed. I still have the 5s and I love it….Yet Apple has chosen to say ‘screw you’ to those that love the smaller form factor, with modern software and a reasonable price point! If apple would have dropped the prices of all the iPhones across the board by $75 -$100….they could not keep up with demand and still would be making a profit instead of loosing….just my thoughts….have a good day from Montana (we are pretty straightforward forward here)

    Personal note: have to laugh at myself….as I use my iPad a lot, when I go to do work with my Mac Mini….I find myself wanting to touch my monitor as well as use the mouse…lol! Its why if Apple allowed for the IPad Pro to have mouse support and hardware storage, would be a game changer.

    Have an iPad Air that can do most things as a iPad Pro but without the mouse/track support and external storage options, which would be find for a lot of user. But if you want or need those areas…then up grade to the Pro….just a thought. And I love that apple does have and entry level basic iPad….a great move on Apple! Now they need to do the same with an iPhone.

  3. kr
    kr says:

    Yeah.. i do agree that ipad is in the class on their own.. the device between the laptop and phone. But the problem is the price of the ipad esp. ipad pro with all the hardware advancement, is the same or more way expansive than laptop. I believe people wont questions IF THE PRICE FOR IPAD IS ALSO IS BETWEEN THE PHONE AND THE LAPTOP. Because the unreasonable price, esp. when you need to buy apple pencil and keyboard separately, people start thinking that “huh.. ipad should be able to replace laptop” coz they can only has 2 options to buy. Whether computer or ipad..

    I believe that if the price of ipad pro is in between phone and computer similar as the idea of their “thinking” that ipad is not computer.. i dont think people will criticize about ipad. All this happen because of the nonsense expansive price of ipad pro+pencil+keyboard and the total limitation of what you can do with ipad as compared to a computer 💻.

  4. Jasmine Blair
    Jasmine Blair says:

    An iPad Pro is NOT a laptop. It is a tablet computer that SOME people CAN and DO use to replace THEIR laptops. I'm amazed at how many people still look to tech reviewers to answer a personal subject question for them.

  5. Rishi Ó
    Rishi Ó says:

    Imagine how idiotic it would be if Apple still worked on the original Apple OS along with MacOS because the text-based OS was professional for a different kind person. What a waste of resources, just as today, Apple is continuing to pump resources into the aging Mac. Make no mistake – MacOS is like the Apple II, and in my opinion, they should wind development of that down and focus on a NextGen OS based on iOS. If they focused resources on iOS, the iPad would already have the 6 things you mentioned in your video. If it had those things, along with the ability to be used with gesture based input and connect to external monitors – MacOS has got very little over it except legacy. Apple should focus their resources on iOS and let the Mac rest in peace. As of now, the iPad is in no-mans-land. Apple is spread too thin by having to deal with MacOS and it’s a waste of time and resources to put energy behind unifying macOS and iOS. It’s time to let go of the past and move forward.

  6. haks Hinds
    haks Hinds says:

    Not even in the market for an iPad Pro but had to like and comment to take my hat off for such a well thought out and different, quality piece of journalism. I’m in!

  7. Robert Holmes
    Robert Holmes says:

    Everyone here go to Louis Rossman’s channel and he tells the truth about Apple, Rene here is a groupie and Apple doesn’t do anything wrong in his eyes, he likes paying the Apple Tax and sucks on the Apple @&$#.

  8. C.J. R
    C.J. R says:

    Does your ipad pro get slightly warm when using it for a little bit. I mostly take notes on notability and it gets slightly warm. Does yours do this?

  9. Leandro Santos II
    Leandro Santos II says:

    Great review. My point for buying the ipad pro is simple, it works for me. We all want the best. At the price of the ipad pro you would be paying for the best tablet that money can buy and at the same time it can also give you mediocre and limited laptop functionalities. But in buying the best laptop (which is still a debatable topic) its possible that it wont give you an even a decent tablet experience unless you buy a 2 in 1 which already gives you a mediocre experience for both tablet and laptop. So why not just buy the best tablet? As long as it works for you. Its cheaper than the best laptop.

  10. San Mane
    San Mane says:

    Pro is an often bandied about marketing moniker used to make the average laymen feel more elitist. Apple dont just sell the product, like Nike they sell an image “i want to be like mike…”. For the record, there’s nothing pro about the iPads hardware. Its found in just about any consumer level laptop. Hell even Apples own laptops dont feature professional grade hardware buts sold at the same price-point due to the brandname markup.

  11. Joshua D.
    Joshua D. says:

    I know a lot of PROs that work completely from an iPad or a Chromebook to say they aren’t professionals is an insult imo since when did a PRO only constitute someone using Final Cut or After Effects?

  12. Anita95
    Anita95 says:

    First "pro" has nothing to do with how good you are, it is the intention to earn money. An "amateur" boxer may in fact be as good or better than a "pro" boxer, they just earn their money differently.
    Second, I don't care about "replacing" this or that, I just care FOR THE RIGHT TOOL FOR THE JOB. If I want to draw, sketch, annotate or just read, the iPad Pro is the best tool for that – for me. For surfing I really do NOT use an iPad, then I use my PC, it is easier to have many windows and many tabs open, and if I want to store something it goes onto my LAN to the right disk. The iPad has one MAJOR drawback and that it lacks a true filesystem so I can take one dokument and work with it in several apps…
    In the end, much of my creative work is in fact done on an iPad, but a major part of my time is spent on a PC. Ponder upon that for a while…
    I have been using windows from 1994 and now, with Windows10 I am DONE, I truly hate windows10. My very first computer I owned was an Apple II… I have never engaged in the Apple-Microsoft war – and I do not care. Give me TOOLS that are good and I will use them.

  13. Chris Schmidt
    Chris Schmidt says:

    Anyone experiencing Intermittent connection while other iOS devices are connected fine? My Geek Squad guy said to contact my ISP… BUT the Rep ruled everything out with my Home Network. SO, I exchanged the iPad Pro … Still Intermittent 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

  14. Danny Mercer
    Danny Mercer says:

    Overall I have much respect for this argument. However, again, stating that the overriding principle of Apple is to democratise the power of the PC to everyone is a fallacy. That iPad Pro is £1000.

  15. Haman Movafagh
    Haman Movafagh says:

    I’m one who’s looking at picking up an iPad Pro 11inch in addition to my 15inch MacBook Pro that I have at home. It helped me decide that an iPad Pro would work for my mobile everyday activities more so than my 15 inch MacBook Pro. In addition to that, I can still edit video in the moment with it. If I need a workhorse with a bigger foundation, I still have my 15 inch MacBook Pro.

    Also, I couldn’t help but notice the white leather Apple Watch band you had. I must know where you found that. I love have options for my series 4. 🙂


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