iPad Pro 2018 Review - A Desktop PC Replacement?


Is the 2018 iPad Pro a true desktop/laptop PC replacement? What is it capable of and is it worth the money? This isn’t a cheap device, and we feel like you need to be informed on what it can and cannot do before you put down your hard earned cash. Dive into our in-depth review on the Apple iPad Pro 2018!

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46 replies
  1. Ronald Weidner
    Ronald Weidner says:

    The iPad can do a lot of things. But it's just not a laptop replacement. I can't edit professional quality videos on that thing. It doesn't take SD cards as iOS always has, and doesn't support a lot of 4K files from mirrorless cameras. Don't get that as a laptop replacement. Get it as a complementary device.

  2. Nate Gerwitz
    Nate Gerwitz says:

    Hey TechVengers,

    I disagree with your statement that this couldn’t be the main computer for most ppl. Actually the opposite is true. Most ppl don’t need to do all of the things that require a higher powered laptop. Most ppl use their comps for basic things like word documents and simple online stuff.. I need mine for pages documents, the occasional simple spreadsheet, keynote presentations, and basic internet stuff (including mail, YouTube, etc).. it did replace my pc and it certainly does for most ppl.. you are in the small % that needs it for more.. the ppl u know who “swear” by the iPad Pro represent the average consumer out there

  3. rudy boumon
    rudy boumon says:

    I have a tab s2 and only in dark is the screen more black. Buth for my for whating is the ipad pro better for my eyes. soft to look at than the oled screen in the samsung tablets

  4. Doman
    Doman says:

    got my new Ipad pro 11" a month ago and here is how the story goes:
    -here's your Ferrari sir!
    +thanks, this is awesome!
    -just 1 more thing(pun intended:D ) the speed limit on this car is 3 mph!

  5. Sloppy Toons
    Sloppy Toons says:

    I’ve been watching a lot of reviews for this iPad, and I think reviews like yours are misleading. Instead of saying if it’s a professional equipment or not, you should look at what type of professional it is for and how they can use it. The iPad won’t replace a big Cintiq and a 10 core 32gb ram desktop machine, but I still use it every day in my workflow and makes things easier. A lot of people are asking for mouse control and other things. Why not just get a laptop, this isn’t a laptop. I agree that Apple might have some marketing issues here, but they released the MacBook Air same time as the iPad Pro, so I’m sure they don’t believe that the iPad will replace a laptop either. If you just email and YouTube and want it to be future proof for 5 years or more, than the iPad Pro can replace a laptop. For professionals in the creative field, this will never be a single tool replace them all. Hell neither is a laptop.

  6. e1543
    e1543 says:

    Holy crap you guys blew up!!! Hopefully you guys still read all the comments. Awesome job, I'm psyched to say I've been here since around 500 subs!!

  7. Capsule Inc
    Capsule Inc says:

    At 7:17 you misspoken you said base models comes with ‘64 gigs of ram’ what you meant to say was base models comes with 64 gigs of memory and 4 gigs of ram — and and be upgraded to 6 gigs of ram only with the 1tb model.

  8. Mark Davenport
    Mark Davenport says:

    Another iPad Pro review by a professional trying to do out-of-mainstream tasks with iPad. I’m so bored of this device being reviewed only by the 1-10% of people for whom it cannot replace their primary device. Look: for most of us, it can. In fact, I’m a DJ, and iPad is my DJ Machine.

  9. LiNingAir
    LiNingAir says:

    5:09 Didn't watch Dave2d's rant video clearly… also, you're repeating what all the popular tech channels have already said and nothing different. Why would anyone want to watch a small, less credible channel if they have nothing new to offer.


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