iPad Pro 2018 — In-Depth Review [4K]


Is 1TB iPad Pro with 6GB of RAM faster than 64, 256 or 512GB iPad Pros with 4GB of RAM? What you don’t know may hurt your pocket!

Here is the unboxing and In-Depth review of 11-Inch and 12.9-Inch iPad Pro. Including but not limited to benchmarks, tests and comparisons.

Also Apple Pencil 2 unboxing and comparison to Apple Pencil 1

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35 replies
  1. iPhonedo
    iPhonedo says:

    Hey 🙂

    Edit: 13:20 I re-did the plugging two USB-C iPad Pro's to each other via the cable and I found out that there is no big guy to the little guy equation, it is random who charges who and who imports from whom. This random choice does not happen with iPhones. iPad always imports from the iPhone and meanwhile charges the iPhone.

    As soon as I heard 1TB iPad Pro had 6GB of RAM and the rest (64, 256, 512) had 4GB I wanted to know if there is a performance difference between them. Well as it turns out, it is very very minor but 1TB iPad Pro is a little slower than the rest.

    I enjoyed working on this video so much. I hope you like it too!


  2. EvilMadness
    EvilMadness says:

    I been using AirPods for a month with both my iPhone XS Max and the iPod Pro 3 and it works out well. I got the 256 GB iPod Pro 3 🙂. I use it just as much as my iPhone XS Max to be honest 😔. Both are great devices 🥰😍.

  3. Gregory Bond
    Gregory Bond says:

    You want to get serious about creating music on iPad pro? You need that lightening socket for midi keyboard AND headphones socket to connect to a sound system. Thanks, your reviews are great… always!

  4. Donny The Dealer
    Donny The Dealer says:

    I was tempted to buy the iPad Pro but after seeing this review I have decided against.

    Main reason I have decided against it is because I would be watching lots of films and the device isn’t even 4K HDR! I recently got the iPhone XS which is 4K HDR OLED, and the films I watch on it look great. If Apple release a new iPad that is 4K HDR OLED, then I’d buy one, until then nope!!

  5. Naved Khan
    Naved Khan says:

    Hahahahahhhaa very nice video
    And i also hate that “unbox therapy channel”

    He’s been a hater of apple products ever since he came on youtube…..
    He is a jerk😃

  6. Jack Manning
    Jack Manning says:

    Is there no way to get rid of the date, time, and battery percentage when in full-screen mode (in the YouTube app) on the 3rd generation iPad Pro? That’s pretty annoying honestly. Out of all the complaints people have about these iPad Pros, I simply want to be able to watch full screen video without distracting information on the top of the screen. That’s all I want fixed, honestly. I don’t care that it doesn’t have a real file system, pro apps, external hard drive support, a headphone jack, or anything. I just want my full-screen video to look good haha


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