iPad Pro 12.9 (v2) Apple Pencil Artist Review  4 weeks in.


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Artist review 4 weeks of use,first ever Apple product .IPad Pro 12.9 and Apple pencil.Can this be a Wacom replacement?
Reviewed by a long time Windows, Android user.
I couldn’t cover everything in this video,need another video just on the Apps I use.
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  1. Dyan Alwin
    Dyan Alwin says:

    This is the best review I've seen so far. It's good to know that you came from an Android/Windows perspective, because I'm also an Android/Windows user. I like that you mentioned both pros and cons rather than just what you liked about it. Great artwork too! I enjoyed watching the speedpaints while you talked! All in all, great job, and I'm definitely feeling better about investing in an iPad Pro.

  2. threedplayer
    threedplayer says:

    I have the 12.9 256GB model with cellular & WiFi. I am new to the digital art scene. Yes, I was reluctant regarding the monthly charge of a cellular line. With unlimited data however, you're not subject to a coffee shop and work environments sometimes super slow speeds. Of course there's also that pesky security issue with WiFi as well. I found the $25.00 to be totally worth it. Oh and ipad at 12.9 is a nice size for sketching. With the Astropad App and Procreate capable of saving to a Photoshop file, I'm loving this thing. They say having an iPad will not make you a better artist. True, but drawing more often will! This definitely can have that effect.

  3. Andreia Santos
    Andreia Santos says:

    Nice review!
    I'm thinking on get one for me but I can't decide about the size. The 10.5 seems ok for travel and, in the end, is more portable but it seems to be not so good for complete artworks (I work as a designer and illustrator). On the other hand I feel that the 12.9 is a good size for working but I'm afraid that I put it on the side because the size is not so friendly to carry away.
    Do you feel like that with the 12.9? Do you usually carry it often or it's more a house/office tool?

  4. koolkatken
    koolkatken says:

    Good stuff – I have the 10.5 Pro with iOS 11 and love it too. Bought primarily for art and photo editing, but funny thing I was finding I use less and less my laptop for work because I liked using the Pro until I finally just packed it away – been a few months now and don’t feel the need to pull it out.

  5. Rikki
    Rikki says:

    how large does recording a painting process usually get? Is 256GB a safe choice or does 64GB suffice? I want to get an ipad pro but I'm still on the fence, because it is really quite expensive..


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