iPad Pro 12.9 - Review! (In-Depth) - After 3 Months of Use


iPad Pro (12.9 inch) – FULL In-Depth Review!

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42 replies
  1. Tonie Marie
    Tonie Marie says:

    What would be the best tablet for an old lady who wants a big screen to see, bc as I said…Im old. LOL 2nd, to tweet, email, text message, stream movies & browse the internet? I do like the idea of a pen to draw or scribble notes on pictures. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 👍😊

  2. easysueburs
    easysueburs says:

    I just got this in 6 hours ago. It's been disabled for over 5 hours. Even the support team couldn't fix it. Sending it back. I was sooo looking forward to this. I'm done with iPad.

  3. Andrew DeWard
    Andrew DeWard says:

    I like your honest review!
    I was never a big macOS user until I became a film student and I thought MacOS is probably the best OS for film and graphic dedign. However this was back in the mid 2000s when Mac was just starting to use intel to replace their slower and over heated powerPC CPUs and PC users were stuck with Linux or WindowsXP.
    Although my opinion about Mac is always on an up and down slope. The ipad, I think, will never surpass macOS systems, especially now that you can Hackintosh any intel x86_64 processor PC.
    My opinion about Microsoft, I think it was a genious when they desined windows 10. Although the apps aren't there as much in microsoft store as in apple store, you can use a fully functional adobe photoshop, illustrator, premiere pro, etc. as well as any other full application for Windows. Where the ipad cannot offer this option for MacOS software.

  4. Jorge O.
    Jorge O. says:

    For entertainment is exellent !!! I was thingking not tu buy it, bu I did ! Hell yeess !! Sinse I never had one, i tool the risk. Im actually very happy, that apple pencil is fantastic ! And the slim case with the keyboard from logi make things much better.

    Im not an apple fan, i got the ipad just for the apps, apps that android does not have.

  5. Worldwide Ghosts
    Worldwide Ghosts says:

    Anyone that buys this or any iPad has to be mad! You can get the Microsoft Surface which has a proper operating system and able to use it as a proper laptop. Ladies and gentlemen, Apple are old tech and being left behind!

  6. Phrozin
    Phrozin says:

    I dont know i'm currently looking for a tablet to help with my memory as have short term memory problem due to a MC accident, when you start getting near 13" you haft to put it up against a i7 ultra book and the Surface, its sort of too big for a portable tablet you can't put in your bag its too big, the 10.5 pro would be better for my needs, as a notebook replacement what can you do with it that a laptop doesn't do better and as for the price which is ridiculously high by the time you grab the pencil and cover the better choice is the surface So what was apples thinking when developing a tablet so big its probably good to surf the net wile your having a lazy day watching tv but then the price is just to high

  7. Mark Matson
    Mark Matson says:

    Really. The IPad Pro software is so dumbed down. You could never use it in a University setting. You could not write a dissertation on it. I know because I have one. I write all my dissertations on my MacBook Pro not on my shitty IPad Pro that I was told would replace my laptop. OS Word is vastly superior to IOS Word. Apple even tells you that when you purchase the IPad Pro. Must have not been listening 👂 too well.


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