iPad Pro 12.9" Refurbished - Unboxing! (2020)


After the poll I conducted, I finally pulled the trigger and bought the iPad Pro 12.9″ not only to cover on this channel due to popular demand but to also use during my second semester of college. However, more specifically in this video I talk a bit about why I bought a refurbished iPad Pro and share my unboxing experience of it with you!



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  1. Majestic Diamond
    Majestic Diamond says:

    idk im trying to see if i buy a new ipad pro 12.9 inch refurb but im just scared that it wont work cause i never bought a refurbished product so idk if to trust a refurbished product or buy new.

  2. John Doe
    John Doe says:

    Also yeah I remember taking calculus, it's actually not nearly as bad as people make it out to be. You're basically just deriving, which is simple once you know the power rule eg. derivative of X^5 = 5 * X^4

  3. John Doe
    John Doe says:

    Amazon refurbished had a 1tb 12.9 ipad pro 2018 for $910, snagged that up for Christmas and love it. I'm definitely looking forward to more vids about the 12.9 inch model on your channel.

  4. daffyduck3451
    daffyduck3451 says:

    You can buy this same iPad new at Best Buy for the same price if you’re a member :)❤️! Membership doesn’t cost anything.

    Thank you for the video! I’m always so scared to try refurbished tech.

  5. tom swan
    tom swan says:

    unbox the stuff.
    then hunt for defects (scratches, dead pixels, display defects-bleeding, speaker problems etc). coconutbattery to see the number of battery loading cycles .

  6. Ankit Talan
    Ankit Talan says:

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  7. Michael Wiseman
    Michael Wiseman says:

    The 12.9" iPad Pro has been amazing for me! I do alot of annotating PDfs @ work & splitscreen tasks. Having that extra real estate along with the benefits of iPadOS has been great. I think you'll really like the additional screen space!

  8. Suzala Suzala
    Suzala Suzala says:

    sadly, just got my 10.5 ipad pro refurb this morning and the screen is uneven and rough in spots. The return is easy but the stores and phone help have not been. The store wouldn't take it back, and the phone help told me the refurbs don't have any warranty. The apple site says the refurbs have the same warranty as all apple products for a year, and also says the return can be made to a store. Customer service. zero. I am ordering another one in spite of the service.

  9. Jesse James
    Jesse James says:

    I originally bought an iPad Pro 12.9 64 GB brand new from the apple store. After about a week of use, I realized i would need more storage, so I returned the 64GB, went to refurbished, and saved about 50 dollars and gained 4 times the storage. Apples refurbished is just like new.


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