iPad Pro 11 Official Paperlike V2 Install/Impressions... It's Worthy!!!


Official Paperlike V2 Install on iPad Pro 11…

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PaperLike for 11-inch iPad Pro – 2 Pack https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07L16DVX2/ref=cm_sw_r_em_apa_i_BiGjEbNJZTVEF

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  1. William Yester
    William Yester says:

    I bought it and after two weeks removed it. The matt finish really degraded the Retina display and when using the Apple Pencil, the difference between the plain screen was not worth the cost or the minimal difference in “ feel”

  2. Pieter Boehlee
    Pieter Boehlee says:

    It really depends on what kind of iPad you have, what you use it for and what kind of case you use wether PaperLike works for you or not. I have bad experiences on an IPad 6 because of the effect PaperLike 1 has on the screen. It gives a strange grainy 3D effect. Also a tight fitting case makes PaperLike curl of your iPad.

  3. Tyler B
    Tyler B says:

    I use tempered glass for my iPad pro personally, i generally feel like these screen protectors should only be used by artists who spend atleast 80% of their time on the iPad drawing. Because these matte screen protectors effect picture quality and are about ad protective as scotch tape. But they do serve a purpose and this was a great review, well done bro

  4. Richard Barnes
    Richard Barnes says:

    Apart from only feeling better for writing/drawing on, I cannot see any point in these at all. You have the awesome screen which you are then covering with a matte protector which will dull the screen. I just don’t get it. But then again, I don’t use anything on my iPhone either as I feel the same way. Get over the cold Nick! Thx Brother 👊🏻😀👍🏻

  5. Jeff Davis
    Jeff Davis says:

    What about using the official Apple case with this? The only problem that I’ve ever had with the screen protectors is the fact that they don’t work well with magnetic covers. The magnets Do not work as well against the covers when you have a screen protector like this on

  6. George E
    George E says:

    I have been using PaperLike 2 for six weeks on my iPad Pro 11 and I am not impressed. I purchased the product from the manufacturer and carefully followed the installation instructions. All was fine for 3-4 weeks, but several bubbles have since appeared around the edges of the screen, and cannot be smoothed out with the edge of a credit card. The bubbles continue to form.

  7. Man-Bag Dammit
    Man-Bag Dammit says:

    All the reviews ive seen on Paperlike say its a decent product and performs as intended. However, im not an artist so i can’t justify paying $49.29 CAD plus shipping for a couple screen protectors. I think its drastically overpriced. I dont need 2 of them, sell them for $25 each and maybe i’ll bite.


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