iPad Pro 11 iPadOs: The Shockingly Good Keyboard/Mouse Combo...


Jelly Comb full size wireless keyboard is fully made of durable aluminum alloy material, ultra-slim and full size design, the thinnest part is just 0.4in. Perfect choice for home, office or workplace work.

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  1. Devin Cutting
    Devin Cutting says:

    I know you posted this with reference to Pad OS, however, I've been looking for a keyboard/mouse combo for my Mac Mini for my in-home office and I have to say that these two work fantastically. Love this product.

  2. JezzeBoy
    JezzeBoy says:

    Okay.. I think this is truly the right one for me. It’s a great size(for me) and comes with a mouse. All I need. I know some people say something like this takes away the point of iPad (mobility) but it really doesn’t lol. It just adds options! I can take my iPad and use the touch screen keyboard, then set my iPad on my desk with a keyboard like this for a pc-like experience.

  3. Gustavo Muro Marchani
    Gustavo Muro Marchani says:

    Please do more on this, im planning on buying a slim portable Bluetooth keyboard and a third party magnetic case for the iPad, the Apple option is not optimum and considering its price I’m just waiting for something to come out.

  4. mike miles
    mike miles says:

    Great review as usual!👍 I don’t use a keyboard very often so I just picked up the Anker Ultra Slim Bluetooth Keyboard . It is economical and seems to work well with the iPad Prro, but it doesn’t come with batteries 🔋 ether. Have you tried this one? 🎥👏🙃👍👏

  5. Anthony Martin
    Anthony Martin says:

    on amazon…Jello Comb Ultra Slim Foldable BT keyboard, rechargable $26. Tsmine Slim BT Mouse, rechargeable. $14. And the scroll wheel works on my iPad Mini 5 running iPadOS. I will use these on both my iPad Pro 12.9 and my iPad Mini 5. I don't need to type that much on these devices, so I went cheap.


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