iPad Pro 11 Inch Review: I Work From an iPad Everyday


New iPad Pro is here! Let’s take a look at the new iPad Pro in my first ever iPad review!

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  1. Miguel Rosa
    Miguel Rosa says:

    As someone who exclusively used an OG iPad as a desktop PC, yea, it works. Yea you can use an iPad to do real work. Yea, the iPad has gotten better… Yes, the multitasking has gotten better, But, let's be real. Let's be honest. Let's be practical. At the price of an iPad Pro, with the limitations it comes with, you can easily purchase something to do what the iPad Pro can't.

  2. Chief King
    Chief King says:

    I just found your channel and I’m happy to see that you make videos for people who don’t have a Mac and can still do majority of thing on the iPad. I had to subscribe. Can’t wait to see what videos you come up with in the future for iPad!

  3. James Jolley
    James Jolley says:

    I have been iPad first for 3 years now. As a blind person who uses an iPad for everything from managing finances to writing to enjoying our connected world, I wouldn't go back. I'm glad that mr. Lawley promotes the iPad as he does because for me, sitting here in a bingo hall with my partner, brailling in this response – I couldn't ask for a better device. The iPad is for me, a computer for everything.

    Truly appreciate this video.

  4. Enrique Verhelle
    Enrique Verhelle says:

    As a photographer, my Macbook Pro 15" from 2013 is starting to give up since last year. I'm having way too much issues while editing in lightroom, the experience is so laggy, my iPhone 8 Plus is a way better choice to edit photo's on in terms of speed and usability. I'm gonna jump into the iPad Pro space. Gonna sell my Macbook, and use that money so I can spend less on the Pro. But, should I get this iPad, seeing it outperforms even the 2018 i9 MBP, or should I wait to get the 2019 model if there is going to be one this year?

  5. heyitsme
    heyitsme says:

    but why do you work from an ipad everyday when a computer is definitely a better option (a lot more capable) you can do so much more on a 12” macbook or macbook air, they don’t even cost that much more, and are just as portable. ipads are so pointless, I feel like they are a fad. now if they ever make an ipad that runs mac os, i would definitely trade in my macbook for that, because I already have an imac when I need a bigger screen.

  6. Dragan Ruzic
    Dragan Ruzic says:

    Very good review, it contributed to my final decision – buyin'! Without a big chance that this comment to reach you, it's Things you're using as a task manager, right? It reminded me that they updated the whole app from scratch… Thanx for that as well!

  7. Teja Hardy
    Teja Hardy says:

    and in the end Apple had to budge. at least the iPad Pro internal storage procedures can read flash drives, external drives. Apple will really blur MacOS and iOS. Later, the iPad Pro will be driven by MacOS

  8. Isa Aydin
    Isa Aydin says:

    I am running Marketing company and I am also a professional photographer. I can not imagine my life without 12.9 pro 2. I can say I do 90% of my work on ipad.

  9. E P
    E P says:

    Good video. So why not use a MacBook or iMac when working at a desk? I am trying to decide whether I want an IPad Pro or MacBook.

  10. nemu
    nemu says:

    If you use Microsoft Excel for real data analyzing, or more for real world use of productivity apps and not just dabbling in it, then you’ll need a real laptop. Try manipulating excel cells with a tablet. No thanks.

  11. enesjei
    enesjei says:

    If all you need from a laptop is about artwork related or documents related, iPad is great. But it's a different story for software engineers. It's such a shame that this powerful machine is limited by its software

  12. Ger Iarza
    Ger Iarza says:

    I'd love to also have one of these but I am not convinced I can replace my 16 Gb ram laptop. I think this will be able to replace my laptop use 70% of the time.

  13. Tami Moon
    Tami Moon says:

    Thank you for this video it’s very helpful, I want but one and I can’t decide which, I drawing in my iPad is 9.7 inch it’s ok but I was thinking to get big one but I think it’s to much I don’t known what to do


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