Here’s a review of the iPad Pro at the all new size , 10.5 inches. After using it for 1 week I decided to do a honest review and tell you guys my thoughts. Like and Subscribe!

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    KATXNAP says:

    I def think people could get a cheaper stylus that works bc unlike the pro 11 that requires the 2nd gen that actually has built in features, it's not worth the money

  2. Den
    Den says:

    The pencil Is the most important part. Without the pencil, there’s almost no point in you getting the pro. The pencil isn’t just for graphic designers. I’m a student and I use it everyday. It’s amazing. It gets rid of notebooks, textbooks, and planners in my backpack. I don’t recommend the pro if you don’t want the pencil. It has nothing to do with being an artist. That’s like saying you shouldn’t buy a book unless you’re a student

  3. Amanda
    Amanda says:

    The pencil is one of the most useful aspects of it I got the 12.9 and I use it to take notes and draw… it looks incredible. Calling something a gimmick bc you don’t find use for it doesn’t make it a gimmick just makes you the wrong audience for it lol

  4. - awozzie -
    - awozzie - says:

    I'm trying to decide between the 2015 12.9 iPad Pro and the 2017 10.5 iPad Pro. I plan on using it for art and Netflix etc. Currently I have a 7.9 iPad mini first generation. They would both be about the same price. I don't know what to dooooo😫 help!

  5. teylor richardson
    teylor richardson says:

    I bought the apple pencile and the iPad Pro to take notes while I’m in class and in school. I also use it to read my digital text books and the pencile to annotate the Text. The pencil really only has one use for me which is for school. But i plan on using it the rest of my 3 years of college so i think that makes it okay.

  6. Michael Walsemann
    Michael Walsemann says:

    Well… I don’t think, your opinion is just based on being an iSheep. No, i think you‘re quite right about the 2017 iPad not being worth it compared to its price. Yes, it lacks some features of the iPad Pro, like lesser speakers, a lesser screen and its not able to use the Apple Pencil, but all of that isn’t as bad. The real pain comes, if you take a look at the crippled hardware inside.

    The Performance difference between the 2017 iPad and the 2017 iPad Pro is quite big. The A10X Chip of the iPad Pro 2017 is about 80% faster in single core performance and more than 100% faster in multi core performance. But since its already overkill for most needs, that alone wouldn’t be noticed as much for the usage time of an iPad. What’s much worse: The iPad Pro 2017 has twice the RAM of the iPad 2017. Why is this important? Because most users are likely to keep their iPad for 4 years, before they will upgrade. And there are many examples for iDevices who aged quite badly, because they came with not enough RAM. The iPhone 3GS in 2013 was completely outdated, because it had only 256MB of RAM (1/4GB *LOL*) compared to 1GB. You could do much more stuff with the iPhone 5, compared to that old model. Yes, the old Chip inside the iPhone 3GS was very slow, but even worse was the amount of RAM, which was so low, that it kept reloading apps for everything you do. The iPod Touch 5S i had back then, was a beast for its time and thats why i used it for almost everything i did. The iPhone was merely used for tethering, because otherwise, it was useless. The second example would be my iPad Air (1st gen) from April 2014. It’s just 3 years old now and though its A7 Chip still has enough power for most tasks you would throw into it, it feels very old by now. The reason this time is almost exclusively the RAM. It comes with 1GB of RAM, which – by todays standards – isn’t even enough for an iPhone. Even the low cost iPhone SE comes with 2GB of RAM and you will most likely use the iPad for quite more than the iPhone, just because of the screen size. And Yes, 2GB is enough for TODAY, but think about the future. There already are iPhone that come with 3GB of RAM and the iPad Pro 2015 already came with 4GB of RAM equipped. You can expect the 2017 iPad, though boasting quite some performance for most needs, being bottlenecked by its RAM in 2022, but its not unlikely to even bottleneck in 2021. By now the iPad has the performance to do quite a lot with it. But the apps aren’t there yet, because todays apps are designed to run with old iPads as well, because every app designer wants his/her app to run on as many devices as possible. But once they boast the features needed to utilize the performance of the A10X chip, the 4GB of RAM wont be as overkill as it seems now. Even the A9 Chip of the 2017 iPad will have enough power, but its 2GB of RAM by then just wont be enough.

    Also, take a look at the storage. If you pay the premium for a maxed out iPad Pro, you will have 4 times the storage of the biggest iPad you can get. And because you can use the iPad for quite a lot of things, you are much more likely to fill the iPad, compared to the iPad Pro. If surfing the web and checking emails is basically all you do with your iPad, the 2017 might have enough storage, but for everything else, you can expect the storage to be filled up quite more than you would think.

  7. Tech TV USA
    Tech TV USA says:

    I think you drank to much Kool Aide. Just kidding. Having said that the reason you have a Laptop and an iPad is because the iPad runs iOS and the Laptop runs OS X. On the PC side Windows 10 does it all by having the Metro mobile mode and the desktop mode. Also the Windows tablets have Core i7 CPUs that outperform the CPUs of the iPad. I am not saying the iPad does not work but Apple needs to make OS X touch screen friendly. As of now OS X is still using a Windows 95 paradigm in a mobile world.

  8. ivdana
    ivdana says:

    You study finance, I understand you will not need an apple pencil to do your work but just because it is useless four you it doesn't mean it is a gimmick. Im a engineering student and I can tell you how useful it has been for me, starting by replace all of my notebooks, now I only need to carry my ipad and the pencil, thats it, I will automatically have my notes available on the clod to be opened in any device. It works awesome, like any other stylus… In my opinion it is a great tool to take your ipad pro to the next level wheter you are a designer or not.

  9. koolkatken
    koolkatken says:

    Pencil a “gimmick?” Just because YOU don’t use it doesn’t make it a gimmick. It’s a serious, sensitive tool for productivity if you USE it. I use all the time and not just for art, but of course notes, and navigating more precisely some of the more pro apps out there like Affinity Photo, where a finger just seems a bit clunky. Gimmick?

  10. Cubic D
    Cubic D says:

    Wonderful job you did on this review. I love the crispness of the display – it astounded me the first time I saw it at the store. I agree with you that the pen is overpriced and gimmicky. At least save your money with an alternative to the Apple pen, and the pen cost savings help to justify buying this expensive but unbelievably capable iPad Pro.

  11. A. Gordon
    A. Gordon says:

    I respectfully disagree with your assessment of the Apple Pencil. I use mine for business. With iOS 11, the possibilities are limitless. Imagine sitting in a business meeting where someone gives you a handout with narrative and/or numbers. You scan the document into your iPad and begin making detailed notes on the handout. You can highlight, correct errors, and add comments without defacing the original. Then when you’re done, you email it to your office, your counterpart across the table, etc. Imagine not having stacks of note pads that you’ve gone through. When you want to review something that you wrote six months ago, you can do a word search on your iPad instead of sifting through a bunch of notepads. Now there’s an app that turns your handwritten notes into text! I’ll have to stop there because I can go on about the benefits of the iPad + pencil. Great review by the way and good luck in school.

  12. Donald Ocon
    Donald Ocon says:

    Your opinion regarding with the apple pencil is opposite with people including me which use it in note taking and drawing. I find it so useful and precise piece of hardware that is necessity for my iPad Pro.

  13. sour grapes
    sour grapes says:

    Great review! I disagree with one point, however. As a student, I use the pencil every day and I don't know where I would be without it. I am constantly taking notes (I no longer carry around a notebook), and marking up slides, handouts, and journal articles.

  14. Arman Talwar
    Arman Talwar says:

    I bought this iPad Pro 10.5 to replace my now 4 year old iPad Air 1, which had become super super slow. For me, to do my mails, read books on, consume content, study from, and in general compute on, the 10.5 pro made the most sense. ONe of the reasons i went with this was because of the superb specs! I’m sure this too will last me 4 years hassle free. I don’t draw, so i too didnt need the Apple Pencil. I use a Microsoft Wedge keyboard which pairs instantly, and has a far better actuation than the apple keyboard cover. I really love this device and the fact that i can finally scan in HD makes it even better. I’m ok with the price though because i paid roughly the same for my iPad Air at the time and any device that lasts you 4-5 years is definitely worth 700 dollars..
    Sadly the battery life on mine has been just about average though, and I’d consider that to be the only drawback if any.

  15. Gilded Phoenix Vlogs
    Gilded Phoenix Vlogs says:

    Great video👌🏼 I also purchased the IPad Pro recently. I was considering the Apple Pencil but starting to think I don’t really need it! I’m definitely going to check out your other vids now 🙂


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