Ipad Mini Unboxing Pubg Review | Ipad mini 2019 5th generation


My other social media:
discord:- https://discord.gg/fEMCJvr
facebook:- https://m.facebook.com/neon.aquasharks.5
instagram:- https://www.instagram.com/rikhavsonowal/

Facebook Page :- Scar Legion

Device :- Note 8 Pro



1. Account level must be 35+
2. Kd ratio must be equal to or above 4.
3. Must have played atleast 150.
4. Must have a Rename Card.
5. Must be soft spoken (Matlab gali ka Kam hi use karta ho or tamij se baat karta ho)
6. Must follow other mates too.

*Selected person must:- *

1. Complete clan training daily
2. Must come to all clan meeting
3. Must have a discord account and active on it.

If any want to join in clan message me on discord account



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