iPad Mini Review for Students (2019)


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This is a quick video review of the iPad Mini (2019). I talk about why I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for students – for various reasons, I think the iPad Air or iPad are better purchases. However, if you’re just using the Mini for content consumption, then it’s perfect. Enjoy xx

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🌍 My website / blog – https://www.aliabdaal.com

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  1. Dr. Niel
    Dr. Niel says:

    Hey Ali, just have a doubt , I hope you can help me,. I am a dentist by profession. I do my clinic and then again I am studying in a coaching centre for higher studies. I need a ipad which can help me in both situation. I would be needing an ipad for rvg, x-ray record and ease of tranfer of files and simultaneously for my studies. Which one should I go for? iPad air 2019 or ipad air 3.
    One more has the bend issue fixed in iPad pro 2019.
    Please reply

  2. Bobby Brady
    Bobby Brady says:

    I love my iPad mini 4! I’m typing on it now. I unfortunately returned the new iPad mini 5 because viewing angles were significantly worse (probably due to the addition of pencil support), the calibration is now for a flatter and duller image (duller whites and less bright colors) and a warm color balance (True Tone was off) making pure white elements not look pure white like in my iPad mini 4. I also compared my mini 4 to five other in-store mini 5s and the same results.

    Oh, and at certain viewing angles blacks were actually starkly magenta/purplish. Really disappointing Apple. Displays are supposed to get better, not worse. I sent them feedback on their feedback page but they never respond to anything I have sent them over the years and they have never addressed any of the bugs I have notified them of. Not the same company as under Steve Jobs. Once support stops for my iPad mini 4 (after iOS 13) I will see if iPad has improved the display because I greatly prefer the mini.

  3. Barry
    Barry says:

    Which iPad would you recommend for a resident? (for reading, studying, the ward, and the clinic) or would you go for the traditional textbooks?

  4. Nada Amer
    Nada Amer says:

    . As a student I don’t depend entirely on ipad as for studying and taking notes so from other perspective this is really great for me , i love my ipad mini 5 👌🏻

  5. Dimitri Ellerington
    Dimitri Ellerington says:

    I'm not a student, but I'm a writer / filmmaker and I love the iPad mini + Good Notes. Used to use A5 Moleskins, but this puppy has replaced all of those. Good for writing, sketching, notes and recording thoughts in a handy size (sort of A5) so it works well in the field. It is for me the ultimate idea catcher. And I agree with paperlike it's more tactile!

  6. Sakthi Geek
    Sakthi Geek says:

    I'm planning on buying an iPad. Hard to decide between iPad Air and iPad mini. I need it for productivity, taking notes. reading books and connecting remotely to my computer to code and research(important) and other stuff(with bluetooth keyboard) essentially a mini remote computer. I'm totally in love with iPad mini, its power, size, ease of portability but I don't know if the screen size will be enough for my work. Also, I'm afraid that iPad Air might be difficult to use daily because of its weight & size and I end up using it less often, Should I go with iPad Air or iPad mini? Based on your experience with smaller and larger iPads.

  7. Akshay Raj
    Akshay Raj says:

    For new buyers, go for iPad mini 5. Rich people will recommend you a $1000 iPad. You can do everything an iPad Air can do, just in a small screen. I one one and I love it just because of its size.

  8. flyingbuddy
    flyingbuddy says:

    Hey Ali!
    I had a quick question I'd be really keen seeing our answer on.
    I would like to use an iPad (or other tablet) to complete practice tests online but I'm unsure of which app to use for the note taking I intend to use it for. I primarily hope to complete practice tests online on a notetaking app. I was wondering if you know of any app where I can download a document on a note taking app, and then have it as a 'background image' so I can write on it as if it was a real exam!

    Thanks Ali or anyone that is able to help me! 🙂


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