iPad Mini 5 vs Amazon Fire HD 10


The iPad Mini 5 (2019) starts at $399, whereas the Amazon Fire HD 10 costs just $149 (as low as $99 during sales). One uses Apple’s ecosystem, the other Amazon’s. It is worth paying the premium for the iPad or does the Fire HD have a better value proposition?

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  1. Jon Yee
    Jon Yee says:

    Some of the points you seemed to miss are which device is more future proof, because you may pay more for that iPad, but on average it will last you about 5 years. Also input support like the Apple pencil, I don't believe the Amazon Fire HD 10 has anything even remotely similar to that effect. On top of that you seemed to be pretty vague on a lot of the specs. If you are talking real world then what is the battery life difference? They both say about 10 hours but Android devices usually put their best case scenario and Apple is usually conservative on their numbers.

    I mean this is a good attempt at explaining the two, but I really don't think the iPad Mini 5 should be compared with the budget Amazon Fire HD, they are in totally different classes.

    You get the Amazon Fire HD for your little kid to destroy and you get the iPad Mini 5 for yourself so that you can consume media and do actual work.

  2. LC 7INEO
    LC 7INEO says:

    YOU CAN ROOT AMAZON DEVICES NOW!!! Yeiiii!. Now for the price, theres no competition for a rooted and stocked Fire HD 8, with a 128gb sd card and case is still under 100usd.

  3. pat
    pat says:

    I have an iPad and a Fire. Both are nice. So far not possible to connect a bluetooth keyboard to the Fire. It helps to add the Google Play store. Ipad is better overall, but the Fire is definitely affordable. Fire is nice for hooking up regular headphones due to port.

  4. Steve Numerator
    Steve Numerator says:

    Don’t forget that the iPad can serve as a multi-platform device, with apps for Amazon Prime Video, Kindle books, Barnes & Noble Nook, iTunes, Apple books, Netflix, Hulu, etc. I really appreciate having one device to carry around that can do most anything I need it to AND has the CPU horsepower and RAM under the hood to keep it running smoothly for years to come.

    I’ve seen review videos showing the iPad Mini 5 running modern games (I think it was Fortnite) at 60 FPS on high settings, which I don’t think the Amazon device could do as smoothly. Battery life is also impressive on the iPad at up to 10 hours depending on usage and screen brightness (reviews have mentioned something like 6 hours of game time) but I don’t know how good battery life is on the Amazon device.

  5. Christine Roy
    Christine Roy says:

    I had the original iPad mini then replaced it with a Fire HD10 then replaced that with an iPad mini5. The HD isn’t bad for the money and the Play Store is easily side loaded. However overall it just feels like a giant Amazon ad and lately I’m not that thrilled with Alexa and privacy. The Mini is worth it to me and beautiful to use. Ironically though what it is really good at for me is as a Kindle reader. True Tone and the laminated display make it a great reader. I also got rid of home internet so use LTE which is available on iPad. Great review!

  6. d11ita
    d11ita says:

    Interesting comparison. When I'll need a substitute for my four years old Android basic tablet, maybe I'll try a Fire (great value for money, Alexa and the Show mode) or a 9,7" iPad (excellent experience, with cool apps and AR). But maybe I will stay with Android…

  7. Daniel Savage
    Daniel Savage says:

    Being able to install the Google Play Store is an asset to the using the Fire Tablets. I have the 7 and 10 inch Fire HD with Google Play Store installed. Gary, great video. I am glad you decided to start this YouTube Channel.

  8. XSportSeeker
    XSportSeeker says:

    Neither for me I guess… Apple's walled garden will never work well for me personally, I like my devices to do as much as they can instead of being artificially limited by the parent company. Apple prices are also ridiculously high here, even more than in the US, so it's a no go from start.
    Amazon is not a big deal here where I live, so no Prime subscription and no Prime advantages means their tablet loses a whole ton of value from that. I also want a tablet that I can do whatever I want with, not a portal to a digital store.
    I am interested if nVidia will really release a new K tablet, which I'd probably go for.
    Until them, my Galaxy Tab S2 is still doing fine.

    Thing is, iPads might have the latest and greatest hardware, but personally, I have no use for it. Tablets are too clunky for me to game with, I'd either want a dedicated portable for that (like the Switch) or perhaps someday a Windows tablet that can run the multitude of indie games I have on Steam… that would be awesome, but nothing out there at a price I can afford right now (GPD stuff is too expensive, but glad they are out there already).
    For mobile gaming my smartphone is enough.

    I'm only really considering a new nVidia K tablet, if it happens, because of even more powerful specs that would allow me to use for other stuff… like gamestreaming and whatnot. And that's only if they don't jack up the price – needs to be around the 200 bucks mark. Because eventually my Galaxy Tab S2 will probably stop getting updated and be discontinued. The S3 is too expensive and brings no advantages over the S2 for me.
    If nVidia releases nothing, I guess I'll just use the S2 until it's dead or something… then I'll get something that can replace carrying around a heavy laptop on trips as much as possible.

  9. liquidalloy
    liquidalloy says:

    I'm a 10 year Android user and even I know Android tablets are trash. None are good. iPads are brutal power and so much better in every way compared to any Android tablet.

  10. Stuart C
    Stuart C says:

    What a load of balls. Like comparing a BMW 3 series with a Dacia Sandero.. they both get you from a to b, but they’re in different markets, aiming at different types of buyer. And you can get ALL of Amazon’s content on the iPad, you don’t have to be wed to Apple’s ecosystem. That’s such a non-argument. Sorry, Gary, but you just explained to me that you like making pointless videos.

  11. darting
    darting says:

    You really blew your legs off with this one. You show choppy terrible gameplay on the Amazon device and say there is nothing wrong.

    The iPad will be supported and powerful enough to work for the next half decade. The Fire is disposable garbage.

  12. Simmix
    Simmix says:

    hello gary, I know this video has very little to do with smartphones but could you explain your view-point (pro's and con's) on the Librem-Phone (https://shop.puri.sm/shop/librem-5/), maybe in another video? Since don't like being part of any of the given ecosystems it seems to be the only opportunity for me.

    Would be great to hear your thoughts about it. Thanks a lot in advance

  13. tom swan
    tom swan says:

    11:55 thats similar to my fair lady.
    Next thing, double pressing the home btn, lists the open apps. To get rid of an app one has to flip it upwards, one cant flip it in any other direction (like left, down, right).
    On android one closes the app from list by flipping it away in any direction.
    I have also access to an ipad and i'm speechless.


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