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hope this video helps you and enjoy it.

My device and controls

1 device – Ipad mini 5 (2019)

2 control – 5 finger claw (full gyro)

3 video editor – lumafusion (iOS) and movavi(windows)

4 thumbnail maker – Photoshop (windows)

5 Headset – Hyperx cloud stinger core

Player Unknown’s Battleground (or PUBG for short) is a battle royale-style game that pits you against up to 99 other players in a heart-pounding survival scenario where you must scavenge for loot, explore the map and stay in the safe zone while taking out your competition. It’s a highly competitive game that offers game modes for Solo play, pairing up in Duo mode, or playing as a squad of four, and every playthrough will be unique in its own way.

thank you for watching 😍😍😍

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