iPad Mini 5 (2019) Review - Does Size Matter?


The iPad Mini gets it’s long awaited update complete with an A12 chip and Apple Pencil support, but does it make sense in 2019?
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  1. Anemo R
    Anemo R says:

    Hey, I am thinking about getting an iPad. The two candidates are the new Air and Mini. Are there (apart from screen size, weight and price) any differences? I gravitate towards the Mini since it's handier, but the lower price compared to the Air irritates me. Is there something I am missing?

  2. Fang 1992
    Fang 1992 says:

    @GregsGadgets Hi, "The iPad Mini gets it's long awaited update" is incorrect, "it's" means "it is". You should correct this to its (no apostrophe). Why do you push paper like so many times?

  3. Simon Moore
    Simon Moore says:

    I use this to take notes during Uni, its cheap and easy to toss in my bag, I have a new iPad Pro for my Uni as my main unit. To be honest it an amazing cost effect. You can use your old i penciled, you can use a apple magic keyboard, you can use an old iPad 4 dock, and the covers as well. For the cost in 2 years time you could just get another one.

  4. potownrob
    potownrob says:

    I’m glad they kept this form factor. The IPad Air is just big, heavy and awkward to hold compared to the mini. The screen is bigger and better on the Air and other models, but the lightness and compactness of the mini is great.

  5. SuperBizalz
    SuperBizalz says:

    Why the more expensive iPads are lacking Touch ID is crazy to me.

    I heard they tried to have Touch ID AND Face ID work, but they failed in getting Touch ID to work without the home button.

    Hopefully they can sort that out.


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