iPad mini 4 Unboxing & Review



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11 replies
  1. GiovanniRomano
    GiovanniRomano says:

    Just got the mini 4 myself – had to send one back because it went all whacko… lol… love the size factor – and the 2 gigs of ram versus 1 on the previous minis…. the a8 chip is clocked faster than the one used in the iPhone 6- but it is dual core versus tri core in the air 2. Definitely a nice upgrade over the previous Mini generations!

  2. OBFD Fire Ground Films
    OBFD Fire Ground Films says:

    I got an IPad Air 2, mostly because it was light, and it was just the right size instead of getting an IPod or an IPhone. I honestly hate the storage size, because I have to export all my pictures every four months.

  3. DunksterBricks
    DunksterBricks says:

    We use some apple software in our worship team, I was thinking of getting an iPad for that. I never even considered video editing on it but I've only ever owned their phones. I'll have to start saving, this looks really good. 🙂


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