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Apple have FINALLY updated the iPad Mini! The new 2019 iPad Mini 5 has the A12 chip, a Brighter Screen & Apple Pencil support, but the same 7-year old design! So Is it still the best small tablet & should you buy the iPad Mini? ➤Amazon US: https://amzn.to/2I4OBxd ➤Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/2YM8Chg

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30 replies
  1. TopHatCat1989
    TopHatCat1989 says:

    In my opinion the iPad Mini is the best tablet for me. It's the right size for a secondary device, so not quite as awkward to handle as a larger tablet would be, and it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg.

  2. Karl-Franz
    Karl-Franz says:

    I've been using my iPhone 6 Plus since new and it's getting annoyingly slow to use. But it's been my main device to watch YouTube. So instead of buying a new $1,000+ iPhone X Max, I got the new mini. Less than half the price. BLAZINGLY fast. Much bigger screen. I love the 4×3 aspect ratio. It's a joy to use. The pencil makes it great to use as a sketchpad. Most people don't seem to comment or know that it comes with an adapter in the box that allows you to charge it using a regular lightning cable. No need to plug it into the bottom of the iPad unless you need a quick top-up whilst on the go.
    Thanks to this new mini, my iPhone has gone back to being a device I just carry to text, make calls and take photos.

  3. Geek Therapy Radio
    Geek Therapy Radio says:

    For the vast majority of people, since tablets are secondary consumption devices, the entry level iPad will be where the decision should start and end. It is a wonderful device that will meet MOST people's needs. MOST.

    Every other model, especially Pro, is niche for a niche buyer. They aren't bad at all, but the $329 USD iPad will more than satisfy 98% of people.

  4. Officiallyyy Kese
    Officiallyyy Kese says:

    Wanted to go for the ipad 2018 but decided to go for the mini bc its more portable and the selfie camera has improved from 1.2 megapixels to 7..the mini is just lyk the Air 3 but its a smaller version of that and its more storage than the 2018 ipad but the mini only has a smart cover so i doesnt have a full cover i think

  5. Gabriel Andreu
    Gabriel Andreu says:

    You don’t charge the pencil that way. NOT like a 🍭.. The Apple Pencil comes w/ an adapter (dongle) in the box that allows you to charge it like you would the iPad; through the charging cable. smh 🤣🤣


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