iPad Logitech Slim Combo keyboard case review


Review of the Logitech Slim Combo iPad Case, this is the 12.9 version



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  1. Josh C
    Josh C says:

    The slim combo is meant to fit both the 1st and the 2nd generation of iPad Pro 12.9. Thus, the camera cutout's is a bit weird, and there are mic cutouts for the 2nd gen ipad pros

  2. sher007s
    sher007s says:

    This case is terrible. It's trying to be a Surface Pro but the quality is crap. The durability of the whole setup is questionable. It is extremely bulky, nothing slim about it. The keyboard doesn't magnetically attach to the screen for rigidity unlike the Apple Smart Keyboard or the Surface. Whilst packed with functionality, this can only really be used on a desk and is time consuming to open up. It scratches easily too. If this is your keyboard of choice, then better off buying a laptop. I went back to the Apple Smart Keyboard and had no problems, plus shortcuts make it easy. At least warranty and quality are there whilst keeping the iPad thing and light for portability. The Logitech slim combo is trying to be too much and is just clunky

  3. David Martin
    David Martin says:

    I'm curious to know how it performs if you're putting the keyboard on your lap to type as you would a traditional laptop. I have the current Logitech Create for my 12.9 and use it quite often on my lap and with a leg crossed and it works fine. The kickstand makes me wonder if that would be ergonomically possible.

  4. Nano byte
    Nano byte says:

    Enjoyed your review, very thorough, and well said. However, doing a review of a 'dark' or 'black' case on a 'dark'  desk does not make for easy viewing.  Please consider using a light colored poster board or something to better view the product. Otherwise, great job on a informative review.


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