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  1. Fathima  K Masud
    Fathima K Masud says:

    I recorded some videos on IPAD AIR that I purchased in Dec 2013.  I was recording my Arabic Text Book (R & W – The Quranic Script Made Easy, this series is on You Tube as well Lessons 1- 18) when suddenly this 'brilliant white light' showed up.  I have uploaded these videos on YouTube, under the title:  Miracle of Quran and Whiteboard. (Series of videos from 01 to 35 Miracle of Quran and Whiteboard).  Every time I recorded with my IPAD 4th Generation and IPAD AIR (I purchased 
    4 numbers of IPAD AIR  and one IPAD 4th Generation) there was this 'brilliant flashing white light' that came down and I could only record certain areas and NOT the areas surrounded by the 'brilliant white light".  watch 02, 05, 25 and 30 of the series 'Miracle of Quran and Whiteboard'.  Do you think that this was an Angel?  Or was it an IPAD issue?  Appreciate your input.  I have all the originals on my IPADs and did not delete any of it.  You can type my name:  Fathima Masud and it will pull up all my videos on You Tube.

  2. mike w
    mike w says:

    best new product is I pad air . its an enlarged ipad mini . speaking of that,  its a lot better deal than ipad mini 2 . ipad mini retina not enough change but I pad air I see physical changes.


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