iPad Air Camera Test Review & Demo


In this video we go in depth on the iPad Air Camera.

iPad Air Camera Review!

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18 replies
  1. omlee26
    omlee26 says:

    Why does everyone say that you shouldn't take pictures on an ipad? Does it really matter? A lot of people do because the screen size is convenient. It's not like professional photographers are using ipads, It's just fine for everyday use.

  2. calebizsol
    calebizsol says:

    The reason I am buying it is so I can use the video camera.  I do safari documentaries in Africa and the large screen on the iPad is absolutely perfect for framing the shot.  Try framing a leopard in the wild and you will see what I mean. 

  3. Shane Smith
    Shane Smith says:

    After all this time Apple still gives their iPad a 5 megapixel camera huh? : P was expecting 10 megapixels, tho it is a tablet so I doubt anyone would use it as a regular camera

  4. Anny Chen
    Anny Chen says:

    You shouldn't be reviewing the iPad air camera if you keep mentioning not to use it to take pictures. I like to use my iPad to take pictures because it's just convenient for spur of the moment things.


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