iPad Air 3 (2019) Unboxing & Review! The Perfect Size


Apple’s third generation iPad Air packs a gorgeous 10.5-inch display, Apple Pencil 1 support, Touch ID, a headphone jack, two stereo speakers and the lightning fast A12 Bionic chip. And it costs $499, which makes it the mid-range option as part of Apple’s all-to-confusing 2019 iPad lineup. It’s one of my favorite iPads ever, but there are shortcomings as expected. Here’s my early unboxing and review!

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48 replies
  1. Jill Mappin
    Jill Mappin says:

    Great review, clearly stated and perfect speed. Very pleasant presentation. I bought one of these iPads yesterday, it's perfect for me. I don't care about the camera or sound, but the speed is important. Thanks so much!

  2. Ahmed Nagy
    Ahmed Nagy says:

    If you're going to edit 4k videos i guess i will be very good it's cheaper than the 2018 pro and updated processor than 2017 pro
    Screen is good and of course will be better over all device than iphon xr

  3. mary mulligan
    mary mulligan says:

    Just bought an iPad Pro 2017 yesterday…better screen ,better camera ; and much much much better speakers plus a headphone jack and it was 649 euro….I am very happy with my purchase,

  4. Fang 1992
    Fang 1992 says:

    THey didn’t change the iPad Air or Mini casing and features because they probably had warehouses full of unused or refurbished or returned iPads from past models and decided to change the innards but sell the same basic device. Why otherwise wouldn’t they have changed the bezels, included Face ID and removed the home button? I’m really sorry they did this. In the meantime I have a 2014 iPad Air 2 64GB WiFi + Cellular model that is still going strong. With the Logitech keyboard case it’s perfect for travel. Only reason I’m thinking of upgrading is due to slight slowness and battery charging time. Also currently the 10.5 iPP is now only 599 Euros, whereas the Air 3 will cost more than that but with the smaller chip.

  5. stephen
    stephen says:

    I’m okay with it using the first gen Apple Pencil because it’s cheaper then the second one. Promotion makes me dizzy, so I’m cool with it lacking it lol.


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