iPad Air 2019 review: happy medium


Apple’s new iPad Air has almost all of the features people want from a iPad Pro — without paying Pro prices. Compared to the basic iPad, you get a better screen, a keyboard connector, and a much faster processor. But it still has a physical Touch ID home button for unlocking and a lightning port for charging. Dieter Bohn reviews the iPad Air and explains why it’s the best iPad for most people — because it’s the happy medium.

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34 replies
  1. Diogo Marques
    Diogo Marques says:

    I love these conversational reviews, especially Dieter's. It feels incredibly casual and intimate without losing any informational value. Very well-written and put together and definitely a vibe I hope to incorporate into my own projects.

  2. TopHatCat1989
    TopHatCat1989 says:

    I'd go for the IPad Mini instead of the Air, and I'd only use it for light browsing and mobile gaming, along with reading ebooks. Iphones in my book are a premium product and are too expensive and restrictive for my taste.

  3. Zach
    Zach says:

    Although I want the latest pro but price wise and for what I use the iPad for everyday the mini 5 is all round the iPad for me. And for most things other than burning cds the iPad basically replaced my ancient computer

  4. Ka Kin Cheung
    Ka Kin Cheung says:

    The only reason I got this iPad Air was because of jerryrigeverything video…
    Kept thinking the Pro might bend in my messenger bag…
    If it’s going to bend…. I rather have a cheaper one bending

  5. Christine Roy
    Christine Roy says:

    I had trouble deciding Air or Mini 5 but got the mini. Odd because I had the original mini and thought I should try a full size iPad, but I just like the Mini size. Very portable yet nicer than a phone for reading and long battery life. The Mini is a tablet for tablet-ly things, the Air with a keyboard would certainly be nice to replace most of what I do on a laptop. I wish I could afford both!

  6. Slap Stick
    Slap Stick says:

    Make a new product that does less than what it could do years ago…genius. Like if I sold you a new car with no air conditioning, because that is too high-end.


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