iPad Air (2019) review: Apple finds the sweet spot


the iPad Air is the goldilocks product between the iPad and iPad Pro. There’s nothing new here but this is the best iPad for most users, much more capable than the 9.7-inch iPad and far less expensive than the iPad Pro

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Buy the iPad Air from Apple: https://apple.co/2VltI7j

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  1. beeg yoshe
    beeg yoshe says:

    I just got the Air, and I love it. Love the size, it’s so light, and I like that there’s no camera bump.
    If I had one complaint, it’s that the combination of it’s thinness and the lack of a camera bump can sometimes make it a little harder to pick up if it’s laying flat on a table. I often find my self sliding it towards the edge of the table in order to pick it up. Great device though

  2. Tín Trần Trung
    Tín Trần Trung says:

    Im a very new apple user and planing to get an ipad in the future. Does 64GB version of Ipad is enough for the basic use like taking note, 1-2 games, apple music? I dont take so many pictures also. This new Ipad Air also supported Pencil 2 ? How can I charge it if I have an Ipad Air cause at this time I just know we can charge the pencil via stick it to Ipad pro. Thank you for your rely.


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