iPad 3 vs Transformer Prime!


The New iPad vs The Transformer Prime. Apple A5X vs NVIDIA Tegra 3. iOS 5.1 vs Android 4.0. Battle of the Titans!

Reddit this: http://redd.it/r7p96




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  1. Sajidur Rahman
    Sajidur Rahman says:

    Now this might frustrate some irrational ipad lovers. Do ipad lovers have any answer to the question: why ipad is better? They will just say — coz its ipad , even though it uses dual core when rest of the world is using quad core. Irrational ipad lovers ..  

  2. maxxell17
    maxxell17 says:

    Did you not notice how the quality on the prime is one of the best out there? The prime was announced in late 2011 and was the first to have a Tegra 3 quad core processor, making it faster than any tablet on the market during that time. Only reason why iPad is even a competitor is because a new one was released. Also, shall we even talk about the keyboard dock that actually helps the battery?


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