iPad 3 Review / Rant (New iPad Review / 3rd Gen / 2012)


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This is my iPad 3 Review (New iPad Review / iPad 3rd Generation Review / 2012). This iPad 3rd Generation review is a slightly different style than most – I wanted to offer my “real world” impressions of the new iPad & cover people’s actual concerns regarding the iPad 3. The new iPad is a great device, if you’ve got the budget it’s a great buy. I feel that the iPad 2 (or last generation iPad) offers a better overall value at the moment. I hope you enjoy my iPad 3rd Generation Review & I hope it helps you make an informed purchasing decision. Thanks for watching.

iPad 3 (3rd Generation) Unboxing Link – http://youtu.be/dMlMTlC4LNw



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  1. Valentina Romero
    Valentina Romero says:

    I don't have an iPad 3 but yes it's better for gaming and videos. Mostly because the screen is larger. I play Temple Run on my mobile and it's okay, but my friend had it on her ipad and it's amazing. Plus on an iPad you can do more and the videos are bigger.

  2. ArtofDylan
    ArtofDylan says:

    most of what you said are true, but i have a question. im thinking if i should switch my iphone4s for an ipad 2/3 for playing games and videos? is ipad better for gaming and watching videos?


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