iPad 2018 (6th Generation) — Review and Comparisons


Here is the unboxing, review and comparison of the 6h generation iPad. (this is a re-upload of the video from yesterday)

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37 replies
  1. Copy that10_4
    Copy that10_4 says:

    I got one few weeks ago and it is my second iPad. I bought one several years ago forgot which one for $299. Had a few others not Apple, I rarely used them. This one is fun to use with the ipencil. It has most of older technology from 2010 and 2012 iPads but several new features. I’ve used it more than my iPhone. Love your review it’s lol 😂😆🤣😂

    KATXNAP says:

    hey guys!!! i have used both the 10.5 and 9.7 (2018 one) and i can tell you that if you get the space gray one you won’t notice the screen being further away and it won’t feel like an “ATM” and it’s not that dramatically slow to catch up to the pencil when writing or drawing something. unless you have them side by side and you’re looking super close trying to see a difference you won’t even care. get the 9.7

  3. TheDynamiteDmoney
    TheDynamiteDmoney says:

    Best review I’ve seen yet! I just upgraded from Air2. You answered the questions I had about the screen being set back set, True Tone, and camera issues! Can’t believe they stuck an old camera in the new iPad, and using 1st gen tech in 6th gen products…WOW wth apple thats sooooo lame! This shouldn’t be allowed, I feel like apple is always trying to be hide things from consumers. 🤯🤫 great video tho!🤩 not sure if I like it better than my iPad Air 2🤔

  4. Marc Garcia
    Marc Garcia says:

    You are complaining about everything, comparing it to a machine double the prize like iPad Pro 10.5 is unfair. If someone is looking to buy iPad 9.7 just buy it and enjoy yourself, the Pro Motion display is good for Professional Artists. But if you are going to be a casual note taker and don't beed the better camera and screen iPad 9.7 is perfect

  5. Zoltán Sipos
    Zoltán Sipos says:

    Hi, would this be good enough to run enough to run DJI app smooth with no lagg if connection is no issue? cause despite never needing or wanting an apple product It seems undeniable they are better suited for drone applications than android devices (sadly)

  6. The Suffolk Shaver
    The Suffolk Shaver says:

    Why are most reviews on the iPad 2018 always compared to the pro? I would like a iPad,but the pro is obviously the better version,but out of reach of a lot of people and comparing it to the plain iPad 2018,the iPad 2018 doesn't sound great in performance.


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