iPad 2018 (6th Gen) Review: Half the Pro for Half the Price


This year it comes with a faster processor and works with Apple Pencil…

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Head-to-head against the iPad 2017 (5th Gen) and iPad Pro 10.5, how does the brand new iPad 2018 (6th Gen) stack up? Is it more of the same or half the Pro for half the Price? Is it worth the upgrade? Is it a way to save money and still get in on Apple Pencil? The description offers only questions… hit play for the answers!


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    My iPad 2018 automatically restarts during charging…why this happens??? Please give me any suggestions… I'm very much worry about that…does this same thing happen to your ipad??

  2. SerenityJLee
    SerenityJLee says:

    I’m mainly wanting to use an iPad to take notes for school, so that’s why I’m in the market for a late iPad Pro or the 2018 iPad, along with maybe a little casual drawing. I was worried about the difference in latency between the two, thinking, “If I’m going to be using this iPad for a few years as my main device for school, shouldn’t I make sure I’m getting the best I can?” But is the difference in the pencil experience worth the price difference between the two iPads? I’m thinking of getting the pencil first then going to an Apple store to try it on both and see for myself. Any advice? Maybe I won’t even notice and it’s really not worth spending the extra money, ha!

  3. Vincent tobasco
    Vincent tobasco says:

    Dude these advertisement transitions you do are insane. Like I know that it's the end of the video and they are coming, yet every time you transition I'm like " damn didn't see that coming ". Solid content, you earned a sub and like from me.

  4. L.A.
    L.A. says:

    Hello Rene, my question is not related to the video above, but I need your help. I want to sell my old ipad and I want to know what information do I have to know about it to make its description complete and informative? can you pls help?

  5. Jaimee Roberts
    Jaimee Roberts says:

    I hate that people complain about the thickness. Its still as thin as an iphone makes it less prone to breaking. The display is fine. We are not going to see 4k in a display as a cheap option for years. The screen stfu buy a black one. The camera seriously, who takes pictures with there ipad besides pdf. The display is brighter than the ipad air 2. Which has an a8 processor keep in mind. The a10 is from 2016 so it’ll be fast on this ipad for at least 3 full updates. The i pad air line is gone because it was fragile. To thin. This is an amazing device for such a cheap price. 299$ i love it. Use your ihome for music, buy an antiglare screen protector and use your phone if you want to take photos. I hate these reveiws. They can they be positive and shorter? Its so simple the new ipad is 40% faster, is brighter, supports the apple pencil, & will be supported a year longer thats it.

  6. Chris Fountaine
    Chris Fountaine says:

    Well I went out in February and bought me a 5th generation IPad 9.7 2017.. My question is do you think its worth tying to sell my 5th gen and upgrading to the 6th gen…. I absolutely love the 5th gen, I use it for everything I don’t want to use my iPhone 8 Plus for , I have myself a zagg rugged messenger keyboard and case and I’m rocking ! DO you think a upgrade would be worth it ?? Thanks

  7. Siriusfan
    Siriusfan says:

    I have an iPad 2 (iPad second generation) from Steve jobs era and i still didn't upgrade "I felt sorry for my self because of people who wants to upgrade from iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 3" wtf ?? 😂😂😂 I don't know how I'm I living right now lol 😂😂

  8. Tran Nguyen
    Tran Nguyen says:

    I think that the iPad 2018 intended for grade 1 to grade 6 kids because kids don't care about camera, true tone, slipt screen, multi tasks, quality sound but kids love to draw must add expensive Apple pencil $99..

  9. Parker Brooks
    Parker Brooks says:

    As an artist, I am strongly considering buying the new iPad. But for many schools, it's a hard sell:

    $400 iPad + Pencil or…
    $150 Chromebook + keyboard + stylus

    The Chromebook is slower and made of cheap materials, but it gets the job done and is a hell of a lot easier to type on.

  10. __David_
    __David_ says:

    Chromebooks are Laptops with ChromeOS.
    They can't say Chromebooks are slow, because the ONE FUCKING COMPUTER they tested is slow.

    ChromeOS is just an Linux Distribution.

    That's like when you say Mac is better than Windows…

    And no, I'm not a ChromeOS fanboy. I only want to say, that these kids are dumb as fuck.

  11. Razvan Rogoz
    Razvan Rogoz says:

    Honestly, I have mixed feelings about it. I own an iPad Mini 4. I like it. The display is not ideal for media but it is good for reading and work. I like the form factor. It is more like an agenda that I carry with me than anything else. This is where the irony lies. The only iPad that can be carried with ease due to its size (and is the size of a standard notebook) does not support the Apple Pencil. I wish they would update the mini with Pencil support instead of pushing this new iPad. I don't care about better performance or the smart connector or a better camera. I'm happy with those that I have. I just wish to take notes on a device that I can hold in one hand without any effort whatsoever.

  12. hanta
    hanta says:

    Wait what? Can the 2018 iPad really not simultaneously run two different Windows? Does that mean as a student if I want the text on one half to highlight and then a pages doc on the other side to take notes I can't unless it's on the pro? Deal breaker for me

  13. Gaspar Rajoy
    Gaspar Rajoy says:

    Thanks for the review! If you are about to buy an iPad today (not Pro). Which one you would choose? Air 2, iPad 2017 (refurbished) or 2018? Usage will be travel, movies, some games, and office stuff. I’m asking because I’m tempted with the screen and the thinness of the Air, but I’m worried about longevity. Thanks a lot

  14. Emanuel Oliveira
    Emanuel Oliveira says:

    Hmm thanks for the video, but.. any particular reason why 99% of all youtube tablets reviewers only show how to paint on the tablets, play games or browser internet .. and.. and.. how about reading books ? reading PDF ? using tablet as a ebook reader I think should be part of any review video.. hmm maybe people dont read anymore ?


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