iPad 2018 (6th Gen) - One Month Later Review


After spending one month using the new 2018 iPad, I have come to the conclusion that it is one of the best tablets out there for the price. The Apple 2018 iPad offers the current best value in all of apple’s product lines with a great design, display, form factor, performance and price.

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  1. Jeff Ster
    Jeff Ster says:

    I have 2 iPad Pros (11 and 12.9) and an iPad Air 3 but got this one as my knockaround iPad to watch movies in bed. $249 this week at Best Buy. I couldn’t pass up this deal.

  2. jet1guy
    jet1guy says:

    2018 IPad SUCKS…….bad. Keyboard is a COMPLETE DISASTER. Don't want 500 special characters. Just the ones most of us use in English. The "question mark" is a perfect example. Ipad2-just click. The 2018- you gotta shift to find it, WTF was Apple thinking on this? The "Dock" is about the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Let ME just slide down what I want to keep down there. Split screen is a pain. Gotta be a more intuitive way to turn in and off. Very, very, very disappointed in Apple losing its "intuitive way." Sure did with this product. Sorry I bought it.
    Rather use my old Ipad2 a thousand times over.

  3. Nikolas O.
    Nikolas O. says:

    Ok im almost about to pick one up. I left apple a long time ago but i need a tablet replacement for watching youtube and reading comics since my nvidia shield is done. My only concern is the sound quality since the speakers are on one side. I am used to having them on both sides for my phine and tablet. Is the sound decent or is it bad? Thanks

  4. Sean Nixon
    Sean Nixon says:

    I’m soooooo glad I got mine LITERALLY 2 days before it went back up in price!!! The others are too ridiculously high in prices and THIS IPAD is doing just fine for me personally!! Besides I already got everything Apple anyway

  5. Akhil KANDI
    Akhil KANDI says:

    Hello Greg. I'm considering buying the 6th generation iPad 2018. Should i buy it or wait for a 2019 version to release? I'm gonna use the iPad for 3-4 years. Kindly suggest me.

  6. Flutter Bly
    Flutter Bly says:

    This is the only review anyone wondering if they should buy this iPad should watch. I hate the iPad vs iPad Pro reviews. This isn’t an iPad Pro….
    It wasn’t meant to be an iPad Pro . It is an awesome tool for anyone not needing an iPad Pro for that big price tag, and anyone needing a helpful tool that is affordable.


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