iOS 9.2 for iPad Air 2 Review! Should you update?


iOS 9.2 for iPad Air 2 review. Did they fix my bugs?

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  1. Tmac19892007
    Tmac19892007 says:

    Like your videos a lot, good job!!! Have to disagree with one thing tho… iOS doesnt "favor" devices… They are usually optimized across the board… at least from Apples standpoint… Third party apps are a different story… If Apple starts messing up their update policy, they gonna lose the last big advantage they have over android… But i guess in the end its gonna come down to how does the device feel to every user specifically… Some are easier bothered then others… Greetings!

  2. Mateus Schaeffer
    Mateus Schaeffer says:

    Nice Video!By the way, A friend of mine was experiencing some weird sudden buzzing instead of the regular sound of the keyboard and songs and everything else.It seems it goes away when you turn it off and then back on again.Would you happen to know anything about it? He's currently using IOS 9.0 .Thanks in advance


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